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Oklahoma Health Dept. to Commence Inspections of Medical Marijuana Edibles

June 5, 2019

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has been issuing an unlimited number of licenses for cannabis retailers resulting in a green rush. However, the Oklahoma Department of Health is responsible for enforcing the regulations and ensuring all medical marijuana edibles are in compliance in regards to cannabis-infused products. Recently the DOH announced that they will begin inspections of businesses manufacturing or selling food products infused with or containing CBD or medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Edible Inspections

The Oklahoma Department of Health has been busy assisting applicants in the licensing process but is now dispatching field inspectors to enforce compliance at medical marijuana processors and dispensaries. Their goal is to arrange routine inspections for the manufacturers of medical marijuana edibles. Any cannabis-infused food product must maintain certain standards to be safe for public consumption.

Oklahoma dispensaries carry a variety of medical marijuana edibles that must be inspected including, but not limited to:

  • Flavored tinctures or oils placed in the mouth or in other food.

  • Assorted types of baked goods, candies or chewing gum.

  • Infused honey

  • Infused bottled water

  • Other pre-packaged food products.

Any products that do not have compliant labelling, packaging, or expired could result in violation during an inspection from the Health Department.

Food License Grace Period is Over

Oklahoma marijuana regulators are putting these medical marijuana businesses on notice that the grace period has passed for manufacturers and dispensaries to acquire their food licenses. The Interim OSDH Commissioner Tom Bates was quick to point out that, “CBD and medical marijuana businesses already in operation have been given ample time to come in compliance with the law. It is now time to ensure that all businesses are meeting the requirements that will protect public health and provide peace of mind for consumers.”

Manufacturers of medical marijuana edibles are required by law to have the appropriate food licensing and officials are emphasizing that, “licensing requirements are established to ensure proper processing and manufacturing practices are followed and that safe and sanitary practices are used in the production, preparation, and handling of food products.” However, medical marijuana retailers that do not carry edibles in their inventory will not be subject inspections.

Manufacturers and retailers applying for a food license must pay a $425 application fee as well as a $425 food license fee but fortunately renewal fees are only $335. If your business still has not applied, officials recommend contacting the county health department to begin the process. Now that inspections are impending, producers and dispensaries must be sure that they are using compliant practices and stocking compliant product.