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IndicaOnline Offers Dynamic Delivery for On-Demand Cannabis Delivery

October 22, 2020

IndicaOnline is excited to announce our new On-Demand Dynamic Delivery feature that supports on-board inventory. This is a revolutionary new feature that streamlines your cannabis delivery service. We’re offering the world’s first cannabis delivery app that makes the ice-cream truck delivery model easy and compliant.

Streamline Delivery Service with Dynamic Delivery

Online orders placed using Potify are now sent directly to the IndicaOnline Driver application and can be fulfilled by the courier. This will increase efficiency, decrease costs, and keep you customer coming back! With Dynamic Delivery, all orders placed through Potify are sent directly to the new Driver app and accessed by the driver closest to the customer’s location. This frees up Dispatch, which is also taking orders by phone and from Weedmaps. 

“The bottleneck that occurs in dispatch is a big problem that needs to be solved,” added IndicaOnline COO Ivan Suslov. “Our customers average anywhere from 50 to 5,000 delivery orders in one day. On the busiest days, dispatch becomes overwhelmed and that presents a strain on everyone in the supply chain. Removing that step altogether, as well as the return trip to a hub between orders, will save them a significant amount of time and money. Dynamic Delivery is a solution to our industry’s growing pains.”

To learn more, schedule a demo with our sales team.

Download Our Free Guide

Download our free guide, How to Start a Cannabis Delivery Service. Delivery has become essential since quarantine began so we wanted to give dispensaries a guide on how to make deliveries efficient and profitable.This in-depth guide covers: 

  • Hub-Based vs. Ice Cream Truck Delivery
  • New Dynamic Delivery Features
  • Online Ordering for Delivery
  • Dispatch and Courier SOPs

Download our guide to see how starting a cannabis delivery service will put your business in a position to succeed.