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Delaware Cannabis Legalization Effort Fails

June 29, 2021

Delaware looked to be the next state to adopt cannabis legalization, but disagreements over social equity derailed the legislation. The legislation was set to get approved this month, meaning that cannabis would become legal this month. Then, however, the tables turned on the lawmakers real quick.

Like all other states, Delaware was particular about its cannabis legalization laws. Therefore, the local lawmakers took to the situation and devised a bill that would create equity regulations and make marijuana legal in Delaware.

There have been several ambitious tries to legalize cannabis in all parts of the United States. Unfortunately, while some of them are accepted, a vast majority of them go to waste! As many government officials consider weed and smoking in general peculiar, a massive proportion of all marijuana legalization bills are rejected by hook or by crook!

Delaware Cannabis Legalization

It is always the authorities behind the failure of any legislation, be it the House Committees, the Senate, or the Governor. But this time, it was a mistake from the lawmakers’ end! It was something unusual and unexpected.

So, what were the events behind the postponing of the Delaware Marijuana Legalization Bill that was all set to surface in the next couple of weeks? Well, there are always people behind all fuss!

This time, the catastrophe arose due to a significant disagreement between the lawmakers themselves. There was a heated debate over the regulations of social equity among the local lawmakers, which ended in a no-outcome scenario, forcing them to postpone the voting indefinitely.

Edward Osienski, the bill sponsor, stated that he was unaware that there was a dire requirement of getting at least 75 percent of the votes to make the inclusion. The bill contains a fund that would serve to promote the involvement of those people in the industry who were impacted the most via the prohibition in the first place.

Initially, this percentage is kept at 60 percent to ensure that the passage does not become excessively challenging. Therefore, Edward decided to solve the dilemma by amending before the bill would hit the first House Committee.

The Issue

The problem arose when a group of Black Caucus opposed the proposal, failing to understand its vitality. They had no intention of accepting the amended proposal, and as their vote was pivotal for the passage of the legislation in the forthcoming, a crisis was created.

As of now, negotiations are being carried out among lawmakers to make sure that they reach the best possible outcome.

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