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Conservative States are Welcoming Medical Marijuana

May 11, 2021

This year has been nothing short of remarkable as far as states legalizing cannabis and medical marijuana is concerned. Several states are in the run to make cannabis legal so that the general public can make use of the plant without any dilemmas.

However, legislation is not as simple as it seems. For a bill to become state law, it needs to pass through all House Committees with a majority vote. Secondly, the House passed bill needs to get approved by the upper House, the Senate. Once it gets all the approvals, it becomes final law.

State Update – Medical Marijuana

Likewise, almost every state is formulating cannabis legalization bills. Some states have already succeeded in devising such legislation. For instance, Alabama passed a bill that elicited to legalize the use of medicinal marijuana in regulated proportions.

In comparison, other Republican-controlled like Kansas and North Carolina are a little behind Alabama. However, they are not leagues behind. Instead, there has been serious progress in these states regarding the issuance of the medical cannabis legalization bill, especially in Kansas.

As a pro-marijuana advocate, Heather Fazio states that medical pot is the only place to start as it provides a common ground to democrats, republicans, and independents. Besides, several studies have proven the therapeutic potential of cannabis, especially for pain management and treating rare forms of epilepsy. For that reason, there is little opposition to the legislation of medicinal cannabis legalization bills.

Future Outlook

In Kansas, Democratic Governor Laura Kelly has been an unreserved advocate of authorizing medical marijuana. Her primary objective is to make medicinal pot legal in the state so that the 165,000 locals can utilize it.

The Kansas Cannabis Legalization bill had passed through the House committees this past Thursday. However, unfortunately, it didn’t get the Senate’s approval. The Senate recently rejected the bill and passed it onto a committee for further correspondence. Therefore, even after clearing all the House Committees, the legislation failed to cross the last hurdle.

Nonetheless, despite the bill not passing through all stages, its progress was still significant, considering the state is Kansas, one of the most conservative states out there. As the Senate has sent the bill to a committee, it will be amended and put out again in January 2022.

The co-president of the Kansas Cannabis Business Association, Erin Montroy, stated that the events were not a failure. Instead, they provided us with a glimmer of hope regarding the conscious authorities. As the legislation will resurface in January, we are hopeful that it will successfully clear the last resort this time.

Furthermore, as the Kansas Medicinal Marijuana Program is set to inaugurate in 2023, the legislators would like to keep it that way so that any discrepancies in the law have ample time to be resolved. Once the legislation becomes state law, the program will commence. It will grant the locals to buy, consume, and sell cannabis within regulated limits, as proposed by the state laws.