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Top 5 Cannabis Security Services for Marijuana Dispensaries

January 12, 2018

Finding quality services that ensure cannabis dispensary security solutions for your marijuana dispensary business is essential in a way that it protects your profits and complies with state and local regulations. Security for cannabis retailers comes in many forms, from surveillance to armed guards and armored trucks. Selecting cannabis dispensary security solutions that meet your business needs should be a high priority for every dispensary. 

To help marijuana retailers in their quest to hire the best security service providers, we’ve compiled a list of the top five cannabis security services that will be the best solutions for your dispensary. Keep in mind that not all security services will be available in your target state, but hopefully, this guide will help you make a decision desirable for your cannabis business.

1. Cannaguard Security

Based in Portland, Oregon, Cannaguard is quickly becoming a leader in the cannabis security industry, offering quality dispensary security solutions. They currently provide transportation services to marijuana dispensaries in Oregon and Washington and have recently expanded into California. Cannaguard also provides the best consulting and dispensary security solutions for cannabis retailers around the country.

Catering to the marijuana industry, Cannaguard is also well versed in compliance for Washington, Oregon, and California. They’ve also embraced new technology within their security systems by utilizing mobile applications that allow owners to monitor real-time video from anywhere.

In addition to transport and consulting services, Cannaguard specializes in electronic surveillance, cash and product tracking, IT services, and asset protection. If you’re a west coast dispensary, enlisting cannabis dispensary security solutions from Cannaguard is highly recommended. We expect their coverage to continually expand as the legal market is growing day by day.

2. Canna Security America

Canna Security America was established in 2009, and though they are based in Denver, Colorado, they offer dispensary security solutions to every state with legal medical and recreational marijuana businesses. Boasting the title of the “first national dispensary security solutions provider for the marijuana industry,” CSA offers physical security guards, transportation, compliance consulting, video surveillance, and alarm systems for dispensaries.

They also recently upgraded their transportation fleet to armored Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans equipped with bullet-resistant technology, GPS tracking, and a 4-point camera system constantly streaming to the command center. Investing in the new transport fleet with advanced traceability will definitely be worthwhile and allow the company to meet the increased demand for transportation security.

3. MPS Security Service

MPS Security was founded well before medical marijuana was even legal. The Murrieta, California, company was founded in 2003 as National Business Investigations, Inc subsidiary. They quickly noticed the need for dispensary security solutions for the medical marijuana industry. They have built a strong reputation securing exclusive contracts for Seattle’s Hempfest and the 420 Denver Cannabis Cup. 

MPS Security armored vehicles are second to none, including Brinks, and offer their transportation services to medical dispensaries, cannabis retailers, and cultivators in Colorado, California, Maryland, and Illinois. Other benefits include security consultation, armed and unarmed guards, camera systems, and revenue protection.

4. Operational Security Solutions

Operational Security Solutions is a cannabis-specific security service currently only serving the State of California. Established in 2016, OSS is relatively new to the marijuana industry but was founded by a very experienced team of security professionals who understand cannabis compliance and risk management.

While Operational Security Solutions may not have as much experience as some cannabis security services mentioned above, they offer financial assistance. They are currently registered as a money services business with the US Department of the Treasury and the State of California, allowing them to securely transport, deposit, and transfer cash. This unique advantage will help the company grow and compete with the major marijuana security companies.

5. Senseon Secure Access

Number five on our list of reliable cannabis security services goes to Senseon Secure Access. Senseon offers different types of dispensary security solutions for marijuana businesses. They focus on designing intelligent cabinetry locks for cannabis retailers that meet and exceed state compliance regulations. There is certainly a growing need for this type of technology, and Senseon is pioneering how dispensaries store, showcase and access their merchandise.

Some more advanced features of security services for marijuana dispensaries include automatic relocking, programmable RFID entry, and customizable staff permissions. Senseon’s proximity reader can support up to 15 entry methods making it perfect for big dispensaries with many employees. Installation is easy, and the E-Locks are entirely invisible. Eliminating the need for keys will prevent them from falling into the wrong hands and reduce theft from customers or staffers.


Due to the expansion of the marijuana business in states, there is a growing need for security in this burgeoning industry, not to mention that marijuana facilities have a unique set of physical security requirements to comply with. 

The right cannabis security solutions can help businesses stay compliant, secure, and safe. The above-listed companies will help you and your cannabis business cover all necessary dispensary security solutions per state and local business area.