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Top 5 Cannabis Security Services for Marijuana Dispensaries

May 13, 2024

Dispensaries in the cannabis industry must prioritize implementing high-quality security services. Effective cannabis security solutions are essential to protecting your assets, complying with regulations, and, ultimately, safeguarding your profits. Security for retailers comes in many forms, from surveillance systems and alarm systems to armed guards and armored trucks. Selecting a security service that meets your business needs should be a high-level priority for every dispensary. 

This guide is designed to help cannabis dispensary owners identify suitable security providers. We have compiled a list of the top five security services that offer solutions well-suited to dispensary needs. However, it is important to note that the availability of these services may vary by state. This guide should empower you to make a well-considered decision regarding security solutions for your business.

Why Prioritize Security? 

In the cannabis industry, where regulations are stringent, and products hold significant value, prioritizing robust security measures is not just an option – it’s a necessity. Here’s a breakdown of the key reasons why security should be a top priority for any dispensary or cannabis business:

  • Compliance: Strict state and local regulations govern cannabis security. Robust security measures ensure compliance, avoiding hefty fines or license suspension.
  • Inventory Protection: Cannabis products are highly valuable and vulnerable to theft. Strong security deters theft and safeguards your inventory. This protection minimizes financial damage and ensures product availability for your customers.
  • Cash Management: Unlike many other businesses, cannabis dispensaries often operate in a cash-intensive environment. Implementing security measures specifically focused on cash management protects your cash flow and minimizes the risk of robberies. That’s why IndicaOnline offers cashless solutions, which will allow you to reduce or even eliminate the need for cash transactions. 
  • Employee & Customer Safety: A secure environment is vital for both employees and customers. Security solutions deter violence and suspicious activity, contributing to a welcoming and positive experience for everyone on-site.

The significant volume of cash handled by cannabis businesses necessitates the implementation of security measures. These measures are essential to protect these assets and prevent financial loss. By deploying effective cannabis security solutions, you can minimize the risk of robbery and ensure the complete integrity of your financial operations.


Are you concerned about security gaps? Cure8 offers comprehensive solutions for cannabis dispensaries. Their team audits your current systems, pinpointing vulnerabilities and ensuring compliance. To maximize protection, they then design cost-effective, real-world security plans, including camera placement.

Cure8 doesn’t just plan; it handles installation, too. It manages the video surveillance and IT infrastructure, from hardware procurement to final setup, firewalls, and network segmentation. Need constant vigilance? Its 24/7 monitoring identifies and responds to threats like malware and intrusions.

Facing a security breach? Cure8 swiftly tackles malware, recovers data, and implements preventative measures. Partner with Cure8 and operate with confidence, knowing your dispensary security solutions.

ProCanna Security 

ProCanna Security understands the unique challenges faced by cannabis dispensaries. In the cannabis industry, a security breach can have severe consequences. By partnering with industry veterans who deeply understand the regulatory landscape and best security practices and grow facilities.

ProCanna’s software system, built by security and cannabis industry leaders, provides a robust set of features to ensure both security and compliance:

  • Up-to-date regulatory video monitoring keeps you informed of any changes.
  • In-depth compliance analytics provide clear insights into your operation’s adherence to regulations.
  • A customizable operational hub streamlines management processes.
  • Secure data storage safeguards sensitive information.
  • Integrated audit reporting simplifies the auditing process.
  • Multi-state and state-specific support ensures compliance regardless of your location.

By choosing ProCanna Security, you gain the peace of mind of knowing your dispensary operates securely and maintains compliance with all relevant regulations. This allows you to focus on running your business with confidence.

MPS Security 

With comprehensive security solutions, MPS Security offers tailored to the evolving needs of workplaces, including dispensaries in the cannabis industry. Recognizing modern workplaces’ diverse and often stressful environments, MPS collaborates closely with HR and Risk Managers to develop robust cannabis security solutions. These plans are crucial for safeguarding the workplace, property, and employees against potential threats, including workplace violence, which impacts millions of American workers annually.

MPS Security emphasizes the importance of security guards in the digital age, especially in environments like manufacturers and warehouses, which are prone to theft, sabotage, and corporate espionage. The company provides specialized security services to mitigate these risks, ensuring facilities remain secure. For dispensaries operating in a continually changing and regulation-heavy industry, MPS’s cannabis security solutions offer peace of mind by protecting against internal and external security threats.

Overall, MPS Security equips workplaces with the necessary tools and strategies to maintain a safe and secure environment in the dispensary, allowing businesses to focus on growth and operations without worrying about security breaches. 

BrickHouse Security 

By providing advanced cannabis security solutions specifically designed for the high-risk cannabis industry, BrickHouse Security is well-equipped to help dispensaries. Their expertise serves as a beneficial line of defense in managing the dual challenges of high-value product protection and substantial cash handling inherent to cannabis operations. BrickHouse Security’s experience with thousands of businesses, including top U.S. retailers, has refined its strategies against thefts, including shoplifting and smash-and-grab incidents. 

Moreover, BrickHouse provides scalable plug-and-play camera systems that allow for extensive monitoring of multiple sites without the need for professional installation. BrickHouse Security offers real-time GPS tracking. This lets dispensaries follow their cannabis products from cultivation to stores. Discreet GPS devices placed in packages allow for immediate action against theft attempts. This approach enhances security and maintains the confidentiality of sensitive operational areas.

Operational Security Solutions

Operational Security Solutions (OSS) specializes in discreet, secure transportation of valuable assets for cannabis businesses. OSS simplifies the scheduling of critical asset transportation through “push-button simplicity,” enhancing operational efficiency for cannabis businesses. They manage end-to-end delivery processes, including cash pickup, validation, and transport to the Federal Reserve Bank or other specified locations. OSS offers access to banking and financial services, which is crucial due to the limitations faced by dispensaries. Their compliance team stays updated on regulations, minimizing risk for clients and their financial partners.

Additionally, OSS provides access to banking and other financial services, which is essential for dispensaries often limited by traditional financial institutions’ reluctance to handle compliance risks associated with the cannabis industry. Operational Security Solutions compliance team continuously monitors legal and regulatory developments, providing due diligence and risk management to ensure clients and their financial partners can adapt to changes and minimize risk exposure. 

Modernize & Secure Your Dispensary

A robust cannabis point-of-sale (POS) system is critical to improving your dispensary’s operational efficiency. This advanced technology modernizes the retail process and incorporates several essential security solutions that effectively reduce product loss. One of the key features of a sophisticated POS system is its inventory tracking capabilities

Furthermore, when inconsistencies in stock levels or revenue are detected, the system immediately identifies the timing and only authorized personnel are involved. This empowers you to address potential issues quickly. This level of security and detail is essential for implementing effective loss-prevention strategies in a cannabis retail environment.

Given the complexity and demands of running a dispensary, prioritizing risk mitigation through advanced security solutions like a POS system is essential. This approach protects your assets and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements, ultimately enhancing overall business security and efficiency. While cannabis point-of-sale (POS) systems like IndicaOnline utilize tablets, which can be targeted for theft, these systems incorporate a crucial security feature. This feature protects POS information even if the tablet itself is stolen.

Future-Proof Your Security

Strong security builds trust with customers. This trust creates a safe and welcoming environment, leading to a better customer experience. As security threats and regulations change, dispensaries need to adapt to advanced security solutions and compliance plans. Regularly checking and updating these plans is key to protecting products and customer information and staying legal in this evolving industry. This positive experience translates to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately driving repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

The above-listed companies can provide comprehensive dispensary security solutions that meet all state and local regulations for your cannabis business. Dispensary owners should conduct a thorough security assessment to determine their specific needs from a professional security consultant. Moreover, dispensaries should consider future growth and potential security advancements, including essential elements like access control systems. These solutions are designed to meet all state and local regulations, offering peace of mind and ensuring smooth operations.