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5 Easy Steps To Avoid Smelling Like Cannabis After Use

June 2, 2022

Cannabis or better called, marijuana has been legalized in several states, and even non-legal states have consumers all over who use it. Though marijuana is well known for its positive potentials and additives to aiding many persons into leading a more settled lifestyle, the mass can’t deny the pungent smell it leaves on its consumers.

Telling persons to be ashamed of smoking the joint would be hearsay as history and records has shown that men in power, men with the world’s wealth, and those who mold our society as activist, entertainers and models consume marijuana, but this doesn’t eliminate the strong smell and appearance it adorns his consumers. This article has been written for you so you won’t be a menace to society’s other residents.

Five Items You Need To Not Be A Menace As A Cannabis Consumer

To avoid awkward stares and attitude from people when you leave your stoned comfort, there are a few items this article has highlighted for your use. They’re more like items that would serve as disguise when you find yourself in the midst of un-stoned persons.

Use Of Eye Drops And Contact Lens

One of the very first things you need is an eye drop and contact lenses. Many are more cautious of their body smelling of cannabis when their eyes tell 4k visions of a heavy previous use of cannabis. For many, all it takes is one drag, and their eyes become fairly as red as crimson. Since it’s of much concern, you’d need a bottle of eye drops wherever you go, in your car, and around your house, provided visitors come uninvited.

Recommended brands are affordable brands like Clear Eyes. They’re quite reasonably priced, portably packaged, and they as well come in large bottles for friendly budgets. For the rich folks, recommendations are pinned on Rohto, be sure to get the green box.

In addition to eye drops, contact lenses are also best consulted. Be careful to keep the solution on you – your eyes aren’t red doesn’t mean they’re wet – contact still slides into ultra-dehydrated states even with moisturized eye drops.

Hot tip: if your mouth is dry, so are your eyes, protect yourself and stay safe.

Use Of Gums, Mints, And Mouthwash

It’s no news that when you drag any joint, however the flavor, your breath begins to stink, it’s a packaged conflict cannabis comes with. Till date, studies have had only a few things to be worse than engaging in a conversation with someone whose breath speaks of cannabis, and of the few things one of them is being the fellow with this cannabis stink.

No one on earth has yet been known to pull off bad cannabis breath without aid, it’s an inevitable crisis only escaped by persons with the right tools. This tool is as important as the eye drops, whether it’s a gum, mints, or mouthwash, or as preferred by majority; Listerine strips.

Even if you have zero acquaintance with cannabis, you as well need this mouth ranger. You woke up to work at 7 am, now it’s 3 pm, to not dump bath breath on people’s nose you’d have dire need of these guys everywhere you go.

Use Of Hand Sanitizer And Lotion

With the respected exceptions of handicaps, most cannabis consumers have their hands as a bridge between cannabis and their mouth, many do to stay afloat and heavily productive when working so you don’t blame them.

But, to be a responsible resident and member of the society, you don’t really have to let the smell linger on your palm. One tool you’d need is the hand sanitizer, this alcohol-sourced provision is essential for many purposes. For cannabis consumers, you could rub them on the palm to eliminate the smell.

The only danger at sight is, the sanitizer runs your hands dry, and asides the ethanol smell, you’d be left with a dry and ashy hand. Even white people suffer this minute plague. This minute danger could trigger a fire on your dry palm. This is where the lotion comes into play, you don’t want to cause an unwanted fire outbreak, so always make sure to use lotion after using the sanitizer.

The Use Of Wet Wipes And Facial Cleansing Pads

Private studies have shown that a majority of marijuana consumers have had to splash an element of cold water on their faces to reincarnate them to reality after a heavy marijuana session, while some you’ve reached this level of being stoned, some say they’re not always equipped with this resource, so what could they consult in substitute?

Resources have said consumers can consult the alternative use of special wet wipes or facial cleansing pads. These items have proven to be useful for this problem and you’d need to have them handy, everywhere you go.

Recommendations for facial wipes range from Clearasil pads, and for wet wipes, barbecue are recommended for dinner, it provides as many wipes as you’d need of.

Use of Cologne Or Body Spray

Survey has it that people resolve that their major source of attention results from their after smell of cannabis. Majority find it rather offensive to be in the midst of anyone who smelt of cannabis, you can’t be inconsiderate and selfish enough to dash canna-smell into the nostrils of strangers all over.

One of the most friendly and selfless things you could do to your society at large is acquiring body spray or cologne at all times. This will reduce the nuisance you might impact in the society and the awkward attentions. Recommendations are Polo Red for sprays, and Old Spice for cologne.

One case that’s out of reach is when a person hotboxes in their car, no amount of cologne or spray could save you from the sacred stench of cannabis. Taking a bath and changing are your only dire options.

Asides carrying these five things, there are other few things you could observe as an addition to your reduction measures.

  •       Try as much as possible not to stand downwind so marijuana’s smoke doesn’t blow all over your body when smoking
  •       Store your weed in an airtight bag so it doesn’t stench up your backpack or bodied pocket
  •       Provided you’re smoking in a closed environment like your car or home, ensure to crack a room so the room might breathe
  •       There are always available edibles.

Of course you can buy some other cannabis products at the dispensary and we think that these tips were useful for you.