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4 Ways Cannabis Dispensaries Can Show Appreciation on Veteran’s Day

November 11, 2019

Honoring those who served in the armed forces on Veteran’s Day is a great way for cannabis dispensaries to show their appreciation for one of their growing customer bases. More veterans are turning to medical marijuana to treat their symptoms of PTSD and chronic pain. Catering to this clientele can attract new customers who are typically loyal patrons. In this article, we’ll examine a few ways dispensaries can engage with Veterans and give a little back to those who give so much for their country.

Veteran’s Day Discount

Offering a Veteran’s Day discount is a great way to show appreciation and honor those who have served so selflessly. Giving a 10% discount on the entire order for veterans, isn’t all that much when you consider what they sacrifice defending our freedom. 

It might even be worth partnering with some cannabis brands to have in-store promo days where veterans can hear from the companies directly. This is also a great way to extend your marketing reach by cross-promoting an in-store event with other cannabis brands that is dedicated to veterans. 

Donate to Veteran’s Charity

Another great way to show veterans that you care is to support a veterans charity by collecting donations and raising awareness. There are several charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project, DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Charitable Service, Gary Sinise Foundation, and Hope For The Warriors that would be a perfect fit for this type of promotion.

Every cannabis dispensary customer would have the option to make small donations on top of the total cost of their purchase. Sales associates should be educated on your choice of charity and let customers know what it is that they are supporting. Veterans who come in to make a purchase of their own will be impressed and feel appreciated that your storefront is making a difference for veterans.

Send Targeted Email

Cannabis dispensaries can engage veterans by sending them targeted email and SMS campaigns notifying them of Veteran’s Day discounts and in-store events. It’s always a good idea to send them a quick note thanking them for their service at the very least. 

When new veteran customers walk into your cannabis retailer, you can categorize their profile as a veteran so you can easily send targeted campaigns using your dispensary software. Alerting your veteran customers is essential to motivating them to shop at your storefront. 

Thank Them for Their Service

Store managers should make dispensary staff aware of all the Veteran’s Day discounts and special so they can relay this to customers who are shopping. Encourage them to engage with veteran customers and always thank them for their service before or after their purchase. 

Budtenders will be able to see which customers are veterans on their profile, so they can interact with them accordingly. Most veterans are happy to tell you what branch of the armed forces they served in, so asking this question during the course of their shopping experience reinforces your appreciation for their service.