Get Rewarded for Referring IndicaOnline

Did the 420 POS outage impact your earnings? Help your dispensary switch to reliability and get rewarded!

We understand how challenging it can be when technology fails during critical times like the 420 celebrations. If you’re a budtender who lost income due to your POS system crashing, IndicaOnline wants to help you recover those losses.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Refer Us: If your dispensary is located in one of the Metrc states, tell your dispensary manager about IndicaOnline’s reliable and robust POS systems.
  2. Your Dispensary Switches: When your dispensary signs up with IndicaOnline, they not only get a trusted POS solution but also ensure smoother operations for future peak times.
  3. You Get Rewarded: As a thank you, we’ll provide you with a referral bonus of $50 and if your referred dispensary becomes our client, you will get extra $500 for helping us grow our community and ensuring your dispensary enjoys uninterrupted sales.
  4. Ready to make a switch and earn your referral bonus?