Do I need a Cannabis Retail License to Open?

Yes, a license is required for both medical and adult-use dispensaries. Montana legalized medical marijuana in 2004 when voters approved the Montana Medical Marijuana Act. In 2020, Montana residents voted to legalize adult-use marijuana by approving the Montana Marijuana Legalization Initiative.

What is the Montana Regulatory Agency?

Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) is in charge of licensing medical marijuana providers and dispensaries. However, adult-use cannabis will be managed by the Department of Revenue who will be responsible for drafting regulations, managing licensing, and enforcing compliance for the cannabis industry. Only currently licensed providers in the Montana Medical Marijuana Program may apply for the new non-medical licenses for the first year they’re available.

How can I apply for a license in Montana?

Montana is currently only accepting medical marijuana dispensary applications however you must first apply for a provider license. Once you’ve acquired a provider license, you can apply for a license online at the Montana DPHHS website.

How much does a dispensary license cost?

When applying for a dispensary license in Montana, a provider with up to 10 registered cardholders pays $1000. Providers with 11-49 registered cardholders pay $2,500 and providers with 50 or more pay $5,000. Once you acquire a license, annual fees on one registered location is $500, two or three registered locations in $5000, four or five registered locations is $25,000, and six or more locations is $100,000.

Will I need to get local authorization to get a license?

You will need to get approval from the city for your dispensary location. If you are renting the storefront you’ll need approval from the landlord as well. The location can’t be within 500 feet of any church, synagogue, mosque, or other place of worship. This also applies to any school or postsecondary school, other than commercially operated schools.

What are the customer age requirements for Montana?

Adult-use customers must be 21 or older to buy and possess cannabis. Medical marijuana patients 18+ can apply for a state medical marijuana card.

What time can I open and close my dispensary?

Montana does not limit the hours of operation for dispensaries, but almost all dispensaries in Montana open at 10:00 am. and close around 7:00 pm.

Who do I report to for state compliance?

All licensed dispensaries in Montana are required to report their sales to state regulators using the Metrc Track and Trace system. This process can be automated by a point-of-sale system that is fully integrated with Metrc.

Are there daily purchase limits on cannabis?

Adult-use consumers will be able purchase up to an ounce of dried cannabis flower with no more than 8 grams of cannabis concentrate.
Medical marijuana patients with a state issued MMJ card can buy a 30-day supply of medical cannabis up to 5 ounces but no more than an ounce per day.

How do I keep my dispensary compliant?

Keeping your dispensary compliant starts with implementing a POS system that can automate state reporting. Keeping track of inventory, enforcing purchase limits, and making sure your customers are of legal age is imperative to maintaining compliance.

Can I start a delivery service in Montana?

No. When legislators expanded Montana’s Medical Marijuana Act in 2016, the state banned delivery of medical marijuana.