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Do I need a Cannabis Retail License to Open?

Yes, a license is required for both medical and adult-use dispensaries. Maine legalized medical marijuana in 1999 when voters approved Question 2. In 2016, Maine residents voted to legalize adult-use marijuana. However, regulations were not put in place for retail sales until 2019, when Gov. Janet Mills signed LD 719.

What are the Maine Regulatory Agencies?

Maine’s Department of Administrative and Financial Services recently established the Office of Marijuana Policy who is responsible for drafting regulations, managing licensing, and enforcing compliance for the cannabis industry.

How can I apply for a license in Maine?

Cannabis retailers can apply for a license online through the Office of Marijuana Policy website. However, you’ll also need local authorization from your municipality.

How much does a dispensary license cost?

When applying for an adult-use license in Maine there are two fees that must be paid. An application fee of $250 must be submitted before an application can be processed. After a dispensary has been approved for a license, the annual fee for an adult-use cannabis retailer cannot exceed $2500.

Will I need to get local authorization to get a license?

Yes. Cities are required to respond to a request for local authorization within the first 90 days. If the city determines that an applicant has sufficiently met all local regulations and licensing requirements, they will approve the request for local authorization. The approved local authorization form will be sent directly to OMP. The OMP then has 10 days to request any supplemental information and updated documents from the applicant.

What are the customer age requirements for Maine?

Adult-use customers must be 21 or older to buy and possess cannabis. Medical marijuana patients between 18 and 20 years old can apply for a state medical marijuana card.

What time can I open and close my dispensary?

Maine cannabis retailers are allowed to make sales between 7am and 10pm EST or the hours approved in the original operating plan.

Who do I report to for state compliance?

All licensed dispensaries in Maine are required to report their sales to state regulators using the Metrc Track and Trace system. This process can be automated by a point-of-sale system that is fully integrated with Metrc.

Are there daily purchase limits on cannabis?

Adult-use consumers can purchase up to 2.5 oz of dried cannabis flower, and up to 5 grams of cannabis concentrate.
Medical marijuana patients with a state issued MMJ card can buy and possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana and 2.5 oz of concentrate.

How do I keep my dispensary compliant?

Keeping your dispensary compliant starts with implementing a POS system that can automate state reporting. Keeping track of inventory, enforcing purchase limits, and making sure your customers are of legal age is imperative to maintaining compliance.

Can I start a delivery service in Maine?

Yes, but only for medical marijuana