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How to transform your dispensary into a thriving e-commerce platform?

May 31, 2022

Sweede is an excellent tool for building your online store within a few clicks. Many of our customers are thrilled about our product’s simplicity and quality and decide to build their e-stores using Sweede.

iFrame integration is a useful and easy-to-set-up feature that will make your website more convenient for your customers. The main advantage of using iFrame is that it allows your customers not to use external links to open your store on Sweede — it will be embedded directly into your website. Users will stay on your website’s domain, and they will not see other shops from Sweede — only yours.

Because your shop is integrated directly into your website via iFrame, you can create an inner-linking and advance the SEO of your website.And the integration process is straightforward — simply insert a small script into your .html page document.

A Sweede shop integrated into an existing website will have the same design and layout as your original website. All of your customers’ data is kept securely, which makes the iFrame integration a very attractive option for everyone who wants to create an additional sales channel on their website.
This is a great way to increase visibility, as customers can see what you have in stock, the prices, and promotions (if available).

The best part about this integration is that it’s easy to set up and use! Once you get started, you’ll be adding content within minutes. All you need is an account with Sweede, which is completely free of charge if you are an IndicaOnline subscriber.

IndicaOnline and Sweede are compatible with one another, meaning sales made through the Sweede ecommerce platform are directly processed through Indica Online POS System and updated instantly. This allows you to keep track of the inventory and the sales in real-time. Just imagine how convenient it would be for you if you could manage your website and POS system software from a single place!

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About Sweede
We’re Sweede, formerly known as Potify. We were founded in 2016 and have been operating for licensed dispensaries of medical and recreational cannabis across the USA and Canada. Recently we have undergone a massive rebranding in which we decided to take our product to the next level. In May 2022, Sweede was launched with a new look, new features and much more.

Sweede.io is IndicaOnline’s product. IndicanOnline is an all in one solution for cannabis retailers and it entails e-commerce platform, delivery and point of sale softwares.