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The US Borders Opening May Serve As a Boost For Adult-Use Cannabis Retailers

December 28, 2021

The US has opened its doors again to travelers from abroad. It can bring profit to adult-use retailers that can sell to tourists. 

Some tourist-friendly adult-use marijuana dispensaries have already sold cannabis products to tourists, while others think international customers will not arrive until warmer temperatures come.

The US reported to travelers from other countries on November 8. However, it concerns visitors showing proof of COVID-19 vaccination. 

Native Roots District Manager Chad Ricketts said that most of the visitors are not locals in usual times. He estimated that international shoppers comprised around 10% of the retail store business. Ricketts added, “we were very severely hit in our tourist traffic, especially at the height of the pandemic, in those initial few months.” He also said that the US residents started traveling and visiting when the pandemic calmed down.

Nonetheless, foreign cannabis customers might have other needs than local shoppers. 

Campbell, co-owner of The Green Lady Dispensary, said that The Green Lady Dispensary considers education useful for customers from abroad. She said, “They can feel overwhelmed with the size of the menu. They don’t have the chance, perhaps, to shop multiple times; maybe it’s just the one opportunity.” 

“I’ve never seen international travelers say, “Oh, you’re telling me too much.” They love it,” she added.

However, not all travelers can speak the local language and consult with dispensary employees. 

“But during our training process, we do encourage and show our budtending staff how to use simple tools on their phone, such as Google Translate,” Brown assured. “It may be a little bit more difficult to communicate with customers on that level, but they have, at least, an opportunity and a way to communicate with some of these international travelers.”

Brown also emphasized that it is essential to inform visitors about safe cannabis use. 

“Because the last thing we want to have is an international customer – or even a local, or anyone that’s visiting or trying cannabis for the first time – to have a bad or a negative experience with that product and swear off cannabis for the rest of their life.”