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Need a Reliable Dispensary POS System? Make the Switch

October 26, 2017

Every medical marijuana dispensary relies heavily on their POS system to make sales, manage inventory, stay compliant, and track expenses. This is why it’s so important for a dispensary POS system to be reliable. 

System Crashes and Security Breaches

Recent system crashes of MJ Freeway’s point-of-sale system have crippled many cannabis businesses forcing them to keep track of sales by hand. This is not the first time the software has suffered performance issues and earlier this year the company had a security breach.

Below is a timeline of the issues MJ Freeway has experience over the past 12-months:

  • Saturday, October 21st and Monday, October 23rd several dispensaries were reportedly having issues with MJ Freeway’s POS software GramTracker. 
  • September 18th, Users received an email with the subject line, “DATABASES 4 SALE,” that turned out to be a phishing scam and unfortunately the company was unable to obtain any of this data.
  • September 12th, Spain was affected with a huge system outage that left over a hundred cannabis clubs shocked as an entire day of sales data was lost. MJ Freeway was unable to retrieve any of the lost data.
  • In June of this year, MJ Freeway suffered a security breach as online hackers posted important source code information on the web.
  • In January, the company experienced a massive system crash due to online hackers that hendered more than a thousand businesses for several days.


Cannabis dispensaries affected by this system crash have been left reeling, and many have been forced to temporarily shut their doors. It’s completely understandable to see why many dispensary owners are losing faith in the POS system.

IndicaOnline to the Rescue

Fortunately, there are alternatives. We at IndicaOnline are committed to providing a reliable dispensary POS system to our clients that is also extremely secure.

We are currently offering a 20% discount to any dispensary looking to make the switch from MJ Freeway to IndicaOnline.

Making the switch is simple. We’ll help your dispensary with installation, software training, data transfers, and patient exports and uploads.

IndicaOnline’s POS software is protected with 256-bit SSL file encryption and is stored in maximum security facilities in multiple locations. 

We understand how important security and functionality is to a growing cannabis dispensary.

In light of recent issues faced by medical marijuana dispensaries using MJ Freeway, IndicaOnline is now offering a FREE POS Unit with the purchase of a 6-month Pro Plan!

To make the switch you can sign-up online starting with a free 14-day trail or give us a call at (888) 420-4207.