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4 Must Have Playlists for Dispensary Digital Signage

January 25, 2018

Now that recreational marijuana is bringing in increased customer traffic to cannabis retailers, many of them have opted to update the interior of their storefront. Installing dispensary digital signage is a growing trend for good reason. Marijuana business owners can create custom playlists using dispensary POS software that can provide a wide variety of useful information to clientele.

Investing in multiple high definition displays will allow retailers to run different playlists simultaneously and make a strong impact on incoming customers. In this article, we’ll go over a few must have playlists for your dispensary digital signage.  

Product Menus

Dedicating one or even two high definition monitors to display your product menus is essential for any cannabis retailer. Some stores will even use three monitors, one for strains, one for concentrates, and one for edibles. This is a smart way to create your playlists since several slides can be added so all products are listed.

As one of the most advanced dispensary digital signage services on the market, IndicaOnline TV can color code marijuana strains to differentiate between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. This will be extremely helpful to customers when selecting their preferred type of marijuana flower. Each strain can also include the percentages of THC and CBD for the well versed cannabis connoisseur.

Daily Discounts

Another must have playlist for your dispensary digital signage is the daily discounts offered throughout the week. Not only will this remind customers of the special going on during that day, but they can view all of the daily promotions to plan a future visit.

Creating playlists that raise awareness about your in-store specials will encourage customers to take advantage of those offers. Using digital displays for advertising efforts is also a paperless option that can save your dispensary on printing and paper costs.

Social Media Posts

Syncing social media profiles with your dispensary digital signage is great way to spread your marketing messaging in-store and boost your following online. IndicaOnline TV is compatible with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can even include text encouraging customers to follow you on social media in exchange for discounts on specific products.

Improving social numbers is one of the best ways to optimize marketing efforts especially for cannabis related businesses that have been limited from paid advertising online. Even if only a small percentage of daily customers follow or like your social media profiles, over time you’ll be better off.

Cannabis Videos

Providing interesting video content with your dispensary digital signage will be especially helpful if your retailer has a waiting area. Keeping customers entertained with original content from your own Youtube channel or cannabis related content from other youtube channels is a convenience that will be appreciated.

IndicaOnline TV creates a dynamic customer experience that is unique to each marijuana dispensary. The only hardware necessities are HD displays and Apple TV generation 4 or higher, but the service itself is free on up to five devices. Schedule a demo to learn more on creating custom playlists for you dispensary digital signage.