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4 Ways Dispensary Technology Enhances Marijuana Retailers

December 15, 2017

Dispensary technology has helped transform the medical marijuana industry with several advancements that streamline operations and enhance the customer experience. Embracing these technological tools in your marijuana dispensary can cut costs, improve customer service, and boost overall sales.

Today we’ll cover a few examples of how dispensary technology can transform your cannabis retailer into an efficient, money making machine.

Tablets

It’s easy for new patients to get bogged down in paperwork when joining a marijuana collective. Installing sign-in tablets will reduce the amount of time patients are spending in store and the amount of paper used to complete this process.

By simply entering information electronically and using a digital signature, new customers can proceed to the sales room to make purchases with minimal interruption. Receptionists can avoid having to manually input this data since the software will automatically transfer patient information into the system. E-sign MD is the perfect application to manage your patient sign-in procedure and seamlessly integrates with the IndicaOnline POS system.

Dispensary POS System

Choosing a reliable dispensary POS system that can manage all of your business activities without causing technical problems or delays is essential to a successful marijuana business. Recently software developers have been working hand-in-hand with dispensary budtenders, managers, and owners to create POS features that empower both the staff and clientele.

Providing robust tools for patient management, inventory tracking, vendor purchasing, and email/sms marketing in a user-friendly iPad application allows dispensaries to focus on their  brand mission. IndicaOnline has taken this one step further by integrating this tablet technology with an all-in-one POS unit with a built in cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and ID swiper. This type of innovation will allow marijuana dispensaries to evolve from medical to recreational legalization with ease.

Digital Signage

A growing trend among successful cannabis retailers is the use of digital signage. Providing patients with high definition flat screen displays that show customers real time menus, daily discounts, a patient queue, entertaining videos, and social channel feeds, will allow you to connect with customers in a new way. Integrating digital signage with your dispensary POS software will allow staff to save time on updating the menu and more time on creating engaging advertisements to target your key demographic.

IndicaOnline TV makes it possible to run different playlist on multiple digital displays throughout your dispensary. Syncing your POS system with the digital display is as simple as downloading the application onto an Apple TV Gen 4 or higher and logging into your account. We offer this service free on up to five devices when you purchase our 6 month POS pro plan.

Touch Screen Menus

Another piece of dispensary technology that is extremely helpful in informing customers is a touchscreen menu. Patients can browse through products, read descriptions, and learn about the effect of specific cannabis strains. Installing these into your marijuana dispensary gives clientele the opportunity to make informed decisions about products they wish to purchase.

Marijuana dispensaries are always looking for way to improve customer service and the buying experience. Integrating dispensary technology into a cannabis business creates a professional perception and will bolster customer retention. IndicaOnline can transform your marijuana dispensary with cutting edge technology that will impress first-time patients and improve overall efficiency.