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Ohio Lawmakers Introduce Recreational Cannabis Bill

August 2, 2021

Democratic state lawmakers in Ohio introduced House Bill 210 which would legalize recreational cannabis and expunge cannabis convictions. Though the bill is unlikely to pass the Republican-held House, the lawmakers hope to raise awareness for recreational cannabis in Ohio.

It would revolutionize the way people have been using cannabis in the state. Friday marked the day when Rep. Casey Weinstein and Rep. Terrence Upchurch publicly introduced a full-fledged cannabis legalization bill that would allow the locals to consume, carry, sell, and grow the herb under set measures.

Other Measures Failed

Residents have sadly been on the receiving end of bad news in regard to recreational cannabis in Ohio. Unlike several other states where the dire efforts of lawmakers made the herb legal, Ohioans are still unable to consume, carry, or purchase marijuana legally.

However, this, by no means, is due to any lack of effort from lawmakers and cannabis enthusiasts from Ohio. Instead, the state authorities have been peculiarly stringent when it comes to any ruling involving a controversial subject.

As safe as it may be, cannabis is still not appreciated by a myriad of people. Therefore, Ohio lawmakers have struggled to get any marijuana legalization bill passed. They have tried introducing several ballot measures and other bills, all in vain!

Fortunately, this bill is all set to change the cannabis regulations in Ohio! It consists of about 180 pages, covering every aspect of the herb’s rulings: selling, carrying, consuming, growing, and everything else. Furthermore, it also sets boundaries so that the law enforcers have a precise order, making their job much more manageable.

Ohio Recreational Cannabis Legalization

The bill will pass through all the regular stages there are for a draft to become state law. Firstly, all the House Committees will approve it. Then, it will hit the Senate, followed by a joint meeting. Finally, if all goes well, the bill will hit the State Governor’s Desk, who will decide whether it is set to become state law or not.

According to Weinstein, the bill will raise awareness as he says that they have drafted it based on all previous successful cannabis legalization drafts from other states.

So, for now, Ohioans can stay tuned and remain hopeful for the bill to become state law and make their lives easier.

Contributed by Ali H.