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Nevada Cannabis Dispensaries Forced to Shift to Delivery-Only

March 27, 2020

According to the announcement made by Steve Sisolak Nevada State Governor, medical and recreational cannabis centers will have to close down their storefronts. This announcement is coming days after cannabis dispensary owners in the state experienced an increase in sales. According to the Governor’s announcement, all dispensaries will have to shut down before the end of last week. However, medical cannabis will be available to medical card holders via home delivery. 

Nationwide 30% Increase In Sales 

For the first time in a long while, the national cannabis sales rose to over 30% according to Roy Bingham, CEO of BDS Analytics. While speaking to media outlets in the state, Bingham revealed that the increase in sales the industry experienced this time is one that can only be compared to what they experience on April 20th (it is the biggest cannabis holiday in the year) of each year. 

Most dispensary owners are not in favor of the Governor’s order. Some argued that these dispensaries should be open to provide people with the medical marijuana products needed to treat their condition. These arguments for the stores to stay open fell on deaf ears and were dismissed by the state government. However these patients can still get their cannabis products delivered to their homes. 

Procedures To Address Growing Demand 

To address the growing demand of cannabis at a time like this, the Marijuana Enforcement Division (MED) has currently implemented a set of virtual delivery procedures that will help to monitor any increase in cannabis demand and delivery. The new virtual inspection process expedites licensing so more vehicles can get approved to deliver and allow dispensaries to meet that need. 

While the state currently has only 38 dispensaries that deliver products, this new directive will force all dispensaries in the state to deliver their products to customers. All vehicles used for these deliveries will need to be approved and each dispensary will receive a 60-day license to deliver their products.