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Lawmakers From Mississippi to File a New Medical Cannabis Legalization Bill

July 28, 2021

After the courts blocked their cannabis legalization ballot measure, Mississippi lawmakers plan to file a new medical marijuana bill in the next special August session. Marijuana enthusiasts from Mississippi were particularly hopeful of the ballot measure that was running this past month. The lawmakers were elated, and they were almost sure that this measure would be revolutionary in the history of cannabis laws in the state. And why wouldn’t they be? The ballot measure had a massive voter bank, and as it appeared, almost every local stood by it.

However, things headed south when the Supreme Court deemed the measure ‘invalid’ and withheld the legislation. Despite hopelessness, anger, and despair, Mississippi lawmakers didn’t accept the setback as a failure. Instead, they planned on creating a whole new medical marijuana legalization bill.

Mississippi Cannabis Legalization

As the previous measure was rejected, and there is nothing the Houses can do, the Governor holds all the power. However, Mississippi State Governor Tate Reeves has the authority to pass a bill if he deems it righteous and necessary. In that regard, lawmakers from the upper and lower houses were in active conversation with him to discuss medical marijuana.

The Governor was very open to their proposals, and he put only a single condition for passing the bill: mutual agreement. However, he was aware that the House and the Senate are not on the same page, and that has a significant part to play in why they have been facing failure.

Reeves has made it clear that he will only pass the Mississippi cannabis legalization bill if the upper and lower houses reach a consensus and draft a bill that caters to everyone’s requirements. However, despite all this, the lawmakers still seem to be engaged.

They cannot figure out the basic parameters that will be featured in the bill: whether smoking should be allowed, how much cannabis should be legal, outdoor or indoor only. Questions like the aforementioned are clouding what could be their last opportunity to make the herb legal in Mississippi this year.

The Vote

Leaders from the House Committees are more inclined towards the regulations in the ballot measure shot down. In contrast, the Senate leaders want to formulate new Mississippi cannabis legalization legislation that would be more controlled.

Nonetheless, Mississippi locals are pretty hopeful that their leadership will reach a mutual consensus for their benefit. Dilemmas like racial disparities and illegal vending of medical marijuana have been bugging everyone for a long time. Therefore, the earlier the regulation gets passed, the better.

Contributed by Ali H.