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IndicaOnline Starts Servicing Nevada Marijuana Dispensaries

June 13, 2019

We are excited to announce that IndicaOnline’s point-of-sale system is now serving Nevada marijuana dispensaries. Recently, we integrated with Metrc software in Nevada to simplify track-and-trace for cannabis retailers. This will be extremely helpful when reporting sales numbers to the Nevada Department of Taxation’s Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Automated Metrc Reports

IndicaOnline offers Nevada marijuana dispensaries some unique features that can help streamline and grow their business. Dispensary owners and managers have the ability to manage multiple locations from anywhere. There are several retailers in Nevada that have multiple locations so using a point of sale software that is capable of tracking inventory and sales from separate locations is key.

Applying for a license has been challenging for many Nevada marijuana dispensaries. Only 61 licenses were issued out of 462 applications, approximately 1 percent of applications. Many cannabis businesses have complained that the licensing process has been too secretive and have even filed suit. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak will be appointing five members to cannabis compliance board which will take over as the regulating body from the Nevada taxation department in an effort to make the process more transparent.

Marijuana Delivery Features

Many cannabis retailers in Nevada also have delivery services that bring your online orders directly to your door. IndicaOnline has some of the most robust marijuana delivery features of any cannabis point of sale system. Retailers can dedicate one iPad to operate in dispatch mode allowing delivery dispatchers to accept online orders, assign orders, and view each driver’s real-time GPS location.

Our most recent addition for marijuana delivery service is smart order assignment. This feature will suggest the best driver for each order based on the timeframe in which it can be successfully delivered. Delivery drivers can use their iOS or Android smartphone to view their order queue, navigate around heavy traffic, and complete the paperless checkout at each destination.

These are just a few of the features that make our software such a powerful tool for Nevada marijauana dispensaries. For more information on how to sync your IndicaOnline POS System with Metrc please read our tutorial explaining the process in detail. If you have any further questions regarding Metrc training, technical issues, or reporting you can refer to their website.