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IndicaOnline Launches New Driver App for Cannabis Delivery Drivers

February 5, 2021

IndicaOnline is excited to announce the launch of their mobile app for cannabis delivery couriers, Driver. IndicaOnline’s Driver was developed with the cannabis delivery driver in mind— with safety, efficiency, and compliance at the forefront. IndicaOnline’s newest app is available for both Hub-based and On-Demand Dynamic delivery business models.

Driver App Compliance 

Each delivery run will have a virtual ledger automatically logged for easy reporting to state agencies. The virtual ledger will include all pertinent information including: the value of the order, the quantity of the order, a turn-by-turn navigation log, etc. All information is stored in a virtual ledger for easy review. 

Driver App Navigation

Driver app integrates with the navigation system of your choosing, so there is no need to switch between the app and Google Maps while driving. This also eliminates having multiple devices: one for delivery/inventory, one for navigation, etc. Driver automatically creates a map with the directions for the shortest delivery times. Improved delivery times with route optimization creates a convenient experience for both the cannabis courier and the customer. 


Notifications and messages from dispatch to the driver and vice-versa are handled within the app. This again eliminates the pain point of switching between apps or having multiple devices in order to function. Customer notifications allow easy tracking through their user account, and an automated ETA notification is sent to the customer when order is picked up, 5 minutes away, and 1 minute prior to arrival. 

More Features

Multiple zones can be set up and cars assigned to specific zones. This allows drivers to get to know their specific delivery area and build rapport with their customers. The app also supports no contact delivery in localities that allow by law. 

Driver is available for iOS and Android.

Schedule a demo and find out how the Driver app can help your cannabis delivery service grow.