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Idaho Cannabis Activists to Collect Signatures for Ballot Measure

July 30, 2021

Yesterday, Idaho cannabis activists received some welcome news regarding legalization efforts. A few days back, a group of lawmakers took to the much-awaited task of legalizing cannabis in the state.

Russ Belville was the leader of the pack, and they devised a new ballot measure in accordance with the rulings that led to success in other states throughout the United States.

The group took their time to create what they claim to be a revolutionary measure regarding the state of cannabis in Idaho. Once they were done with the paperwork and drafting, an allocated team proofread and finalized the white paper.

When everything was perfect, they presented the ballot measure to the Attorney General. And yesterday, the Attorney General approved the measure after reviewing it.

The Path to Legalization

Like all other states amping up their struggle to make cannabis legal, Idaho locals were up to the task. Over the past ten months, several marijuana legalization attempts took place in the state. Unfortunately, however, not much was gained from them.

Be it medical marijuana or recreational cannabis, Idaho locals have been somewhat deprived of the liberty to administer the herb, be it publicly or domestically, freely. In that regard, Idaho lawmakers formulated bills and ballot measures that would help to serve this purpose. Also, the most crucial part of a successful legalization campaign is proper drafting and public support.

If the lawmakers lack in any of the aforementioned departments, experts say that it is almost certain that their measure will return defeated. Therefore, Russ made sure that he was covered from both fronts. In that regard, the group analyzed previous measures and other successful measures to ensure that their drafting is spotless.

Idaho Cannabis Petition

On top of that, there was effective marketing to make sure that the public is aware of what is about to happen. For that, social media platforms like Twitter and public television were used to reach the audience.

The ballot measure covers all basic parameters concerning possession, consumption, and growth of cannabis at public and domestic levels. People would be allowed to carry three ounces of cannabis and grow up to six plants domestically, to be exact.

If all goes well and the group succeeds in collecting the required number of signatures, the measure will be presented in front of voters during the upcoming legal tenure starting 2022.

Contributed by Ali H.