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‘I use it for life’: Mike Tyson joins the list of celebrities launching a cannabis line.

January 11, 2022

CNBC has received an affirmative statement from Mike Tyson where he has disclosed that he will be releasing his cannabis line (the Tyson 2.0 cannabis line). He claimed that cannabis makes him a “different person” and the release of the Tyson 2.0 cannabis line is to help others in search of emotional and physical relief.

Co-founder and chief brand officer of Tyson’s cannabis line added that the gesture is all about the love of the medicine, which has led him to invest significant time (in agriculture) in discovering the right strain.

Tyson, former world heavyweight boxing champion, says it has become the best time of his life despite its being complex.

On Friday, through a partnership, a U.S.-based multistate operator, Columbia Care, launched Tyson 2.0 in Colorado. According to Columbia Care’s website, it currently runs 99 dispensaries in 16 states.

Meanwhile, Jesse Channon, Columbia Care’s chief growth officer, has expressed excitement and delight at the partnership the multistate operator has been able to secure with Tyson. He made this known in a statement, adding that the passion for cannabis and insight of the renowned former world heavyweight boxing champion brought through his positive outcomes was enough motivation to get the product, which enjoyed such a broad appeal, to the market as quickly as possible. With Colorado being one of cannabis’ largest markets, the launch of Tyson 2.0 could only mean more experience and the opportunity to expand the market across the country, as expressed by Channon.

In November, data from Cannabis Benchmarks shows $82 as the average price for an ounce of cannabis in the U.S. The cost of 1-ounce bags of flower featuring a variety of strains with varying potency and including the famous “Maui Wowie” which the Tyson 2.0 brand will begin selling is fixed at $89.95. The brand has plans to sell pre-rolls and 3.5-gram jars of flowers in the coming months.

Adam Wilks, CEO Tyson 2.0, has informed CNBC of Tyson’s role in the research and development process of the brand, which entitles him to have authority over what product goes in the market, adding that Tyson’s part in the brand goes beyond his name on the product. This role extends to selecting preferred strains with the ‘Sour Diesel’ and ‘The Toad’ being some of his favorite strains.

The Tyson 2.0 has earned the boxing legend a place in the long list of celebrity-endorsed cannabis or CBD lines promotions.
Other celebrities on this list include the family of music legend and cannabis advocate, Bob Marley who launched the “Marley Natural” cannabis line in 2016. 2019 saw the “House Plant” cannabis company started by actor and comedian Seth Rogen, known for stoner comedies. In 2020, the “Monogram” cannabis line was created by rapper and mogul Jay-Z, while Martha Stewart launched her namesake CBD brand and markets the line of wellness products for people and pets.

“I use it for life” is the mantra of 55-year-old Tyson, who also claims to use his cannabis line for wellness.

He further explained that he transforms into a completely different, not likable person if he goes without it between three days to one week.

View Mike Tyson’s statement here: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2021/11/29/mike-tyson-joins-the-list-of-celebrities-launching-a-cannabis-line.html