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STIIIZY Opens Flagship Dispensary in LA

August 22, 2019

On  Saturday August 24th, The Shryne Group will be opening their first Los Angeles dispensary, STIIIZY, that is truly a one-of-a-kind cannabis store. Already one of California’s most recognizable cannabis brands, STIIIZY is revolutionizing dispensary design and offering immersive experience for marijuana connoisseurs. 

STIIIZY Dispensary Design

The layout of the store is streamlined and divided into individual futuristic pods that offer the full STIIIZY product line. Chief communications officer, Daniel Yi explained that, “Each one of them is like one store with all the product offerings, so that people can avoid standing in line. If one pod is very crowded, you can go to the next pod. It’s all about offering people an experience.”

Some of the more signature experiential features include Instagram art pods, an interactive LED tunnel leading from the lobby to the sales floor, an inside peek at the indoor cultivation facility, and beautiful backlit displays that highlight STIIIZY’s product line. Their will likely be an overwhelming turn out on Saturday when they open as they have built a loyal following who are passionate about the products and brand identity.

Growing the Brand

Growing their brand was always the goal when STIIIZY launched into California’s medical-only market in November 2017. They saw the writing on the wall and knew that recreational legalization would lead to huge potential for a brand that could really connect with consumers. 

While they have expanded their product line, their mainstay products include LIIIL, a disposable vape pen, and BIIIG, a larger vape pen with a long-lasting battery. STIIIZY’s products have also expanded into other legal markets like Washington, Nevada and, most recently, Michigan.

Daniel Yi pointed out that, “STIIIZY came into it with some innovations on the battery [and] the potency of the product itself, [which uses] very clear and pure distillates from providers here in California. I think, more than that, it was just how STIIIZY connected with its core customer base.”

Grand Opening Specials

The grand opening on Saturday is the beginning of a new chapter in STIIIZY’s quest to expand their brand and they are offering some special promotions for those willing to get in line early.

The first 100 customers will get a bong, the first 250 customers get pre-rolls and gummies, and the first 500 will receive a gift bag for only .99 cents, due to regulations. Additionally, all STIIIZY LIIIT premium flower and BIIIT gummies are buy one get one for .99 cents.

Yi went on to add, “I think we, as a brand, as a company, are trying to lend our voice to it, and what we’re saying is we need to give cannabis consumers a reason to come to our store. We want them to have a great experience so that they want to come back. … We want to educate folks about cannabis. And if we do all of those things, then wherever we end up in the future, … it’s going to be a legal and normalized cannabis world.”