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Dispensary Marketing Mastery: Strategies for Maximum Growth 

August 16, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of cannabis, staying ahead of the competition can be challenging. One of the most important aspects of running a successful dispensary is marketing. In this article, we will explore insider strategies for maximum dispensary growth. We will look at how to optimize a dispensary website, maximize cannabis menu functionality, and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of marketing with popular platforms like Weedmaps. We will also touch on how to track ROI on various marketing platforms, making it easier for dispensaries to allocate resources effectively.

What’s Your Origin Story? 

Every dispensary has a backstory worth sharing. Whether it’s a passionate entrepreneur starting a new business or a team of experts joining forces to create the best possible product, sharing this story can be incredibly effective in creating loyal customers and community support. Your origin story can be shared through various mediums, including social media, blogs, and your dispensary website. 

What’s Your Ethos?

Your brand’s ethos should be a reflection of your values and mission statement. This can be communicated through your brand’s visual identity, messaging, and overall store experience. Consumers want to support brands with values that align with their own, so identifying and communicating your dispensary’s ethos is essential for long-term growth.

What Are Your Superpowers?

Every dispensary should have a unique selling proposition (USP). This is what sets you apart from your competitors and makes you instantly recognizable. Your USP could be anything, from expert product knowledge to premium products, unique store design, or exceptional customer service. Identifying and articulating your dispensary’s superpowers, and communicating them effectively, can create a loyal customer base and long-term success.

How Do You Serve The Unique Needs Of Your Community?

The cannabis industry is unique in that every community has distinct demographics, and therefore, the needs of each community will vary. It’s crucial to understand the unique needs of your community and tailor your dispensary’s approach to meet those needs. This could be anything from sourcing specific products, offering educational resources, or simply creating a comfortable, welcoming store environment.

How to Optimize a Dispensary Website

A dispensary website should be optimized for both search engines and user experience. One of the most important aspects of website optimization is the website header or H1. Your H1 should include relevant keywords and accurately reflect the content on the page. Additionally, ensuring your website is user-friendly and easy to navigate is essential. This can be achieved through thoughtful design, clear calls to action, and easily accessible information.

How to Maximize Cannabis Menu Functionality

Your menu should be designed with the consumer and search engines in mind. Using a dispensary POS software like IndicaOnline can make it easy to create SEO-optimized menus. This makes it easier for customers to find products and helps your dispensary rank higher on search engine results pages. Cannabis menu functionality can be further optimized through integration with IndicaOnline.

SEO Value E-Commerce Dispensary Menu Tech

SEO Optimized Menus, or “EMMs,” are becoming increasingly popular in the cannabis industry. EMMs make it easier for customers to find specific products, increase dwell time on your website, and improve SEO rankings. Integrating EMMs with IndicaOnline dispensed POS software can further enhance your menu’s functionality and user experience.

With Sweede.io – IndicaOnline’s E-commerce platform, you can also use e-commerce, google Analytics, and online payments, and it’s fully integrated with IndicaOnline POS.

How Cannabis Dispensary SEO Works

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process of improving the visibility of a website or web page on a search engine results page. Cannabis dispensary SEO works by optimizing website content, creating backlinks to reputable sources, and utilizing relevant keywords to improve visibility. A dispensary POS software like IndicaOnline can help automate the often-complex process of SEO optimization.

Google Business Profile

A Google Business Profile, or GBP, is essential for increasing your dispensary’s visibility on Google. Setting up and managing a GBP account is a straightforward process that can be done through the Google My Business platform. It’s crucial to keep your account up-to-date with accurate information and engaging content to increase dwell time and attract new customers.

How to Manage a GBP Account GBP Account Setup Guide

Managing a GBP account is an ongoing process that requires regular attention and updates. This includes adding high-quality photos, responding to reviews, and updating store hours and contact information. A GBP account setup guide can help dispensaries efficiently set up and manage their GBP account for maximum success.

Paid Media

Paid media is an effective way to promote your dispensary to a broader audience. There are various types of paid media, including Google Ads, banner ads, and outdoor advertising. Each type of paid media has its advantages and drawbacks, so it’s important to understand which option is best for your dispensary’s unique needs and budget.

Social Networks

Social media is an incredible tool for connecting with customers, promoting products, and generating buzz around your dispensary. Choosing the right social networks that align with your dispensary’s brand, mission, and target audience is important. Consistently posting engaging content and actively engaging with customers on social media can help create a loyal, engaged following.

The Benefit of Marketing With Weedmaps

Marketing with popular platforms like Weedmaps can increase your dispensary’s visibility and attract new customers. However, marketing with Weedmaps can be costly, and there are drawbacks to relying solely on this platform for marketing. Relying solely on Weedmaps for marketing can leave dispensaries vulnerable to algorithm changes or pricing changes implemented by the Weedmaps platform.

An effective Weedmaps strategy should focus on creating engaging content, offering promotions, and utilizing high-quality photography. Additionally, it’s important to utilize alternative marketing channels to reduce reliance on the Weedmaps platform. Similarly, tracking ROI on multiple marketing channels, including Weedmaps, can help dispensaries effectively allocate resources.

Social Media

Social media is an effective way to promote your dispensary to a broader audience. Posting engaging content and actively engaging with customers on social media can create a loyal, engaged following.

Special Events

Hosting special events like product launches, educational seminars, or VIP nights can help create buzz around your dispensary and attract new customers. Aiming for events that offer real value to customers, align with your brand, and foster a sense of community is important.

  • Holiday Toy Drives
  • Charity events
  • Pet Adoptions
  • 420 or 710 celebrations
  • Holiday celebrations
  • New brand/product drops
  • Live music
  • Comedy shows

The Brand Experience

Creating a unique brand experience through store design, product placement, and customer service can help set your dispensary apart from the competition. Consistently delivering on your dispensary’s brand promise can create a loyal customer base that will support your dispensary for years to come.

Tracking ROI on Other Platforms

Tracking ROI, or Return on Investment, on various marketing platforms is essential for allocating resources effectively. This includes tracking metrics such as website dwell time, social media engagement, and customer acquisition cost. A dispensary POS software like IndicaOnline can help automate the process of tracking ROI and provide valuable insights to help dispensaries make informed marketing decisions.


Marketing a cannabis dispensary can be challenging, but with the right strategies, it can also be incredibly rewarding. By understanding your dispensary’s unique origin story, ethos, and superpowers, you can develop a brand that resonates with your community. Optimizing your dispensary website and menu, utilizing multiple marketing channels, and tracking ROI can help ensure long-term growth and success. By staying ahead of the competition and consistently delivering on your brand promise, you can create a loyal customer base that will support your dispensary for years.