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4 Ways Dispensary Management Software Increases Efficiency

November 13, 2017

Using an industry specific POS system is the first step in establishing a successful cannabis business. Dispensary management software custom built to meet the needs of the marijuana industry will allow your business to evolve with new regulations and practices.

A centralized and well-designed POS system is essential to keeping your cannabis retail operation efficient. Today we’ll discuss a few of the advantages of installing a dispensary management software capable of providing powerful tools to streamline daily sales.

Quick Training

Implementing dispensary management software that is intuitive and user-friendly will allow new employees to pick-up the basics of making sales quickly. Some inferior POS systems can be complicated and take hours or even days to learn. Time is money in the medical marijuana business and training dispensary staff can be costly and bring your business to a screeching halt.

Working with an easy to use dispensary POS software will have even novice staff members up and running in no time. Once an employee is able to complete transactions, they’ll be able to explore the more advanced features and help in other areas of operation.

Handling High Volume

One of the many fears of a cannabis retailer is a POS system crash that could potentially cost them thousands of dollars. Using a dispensary management software that has the ability to handle a high capacity of sales is critical to avoiding a crash.

Cannabis retailers can generally predict days where sales will be at all time high, such as 4/20. Having a dispensary POS software that uses cloud based storage and includes an offline mode to process sales even in the event of a crash will provide that extra layer of assurance. Not only will this functionality keep your sales floor running, but it will also keep compliance reporting intact.

Menu Integration

One of the best advantages of using high-tech software is the ability to automate processes that used to take hours to complete. If your dispensary is still manually updating their web menu, weedmaps menu, or digital display menu to reflect the current stock, it’s time to make a change.

Installing an advanced dispensary management software can integrate your cannabis inventory with your online and digital menus. Changes to stock will be reflected instantaneously saving your staff valuable time and stress attempting to maintain an ever evolving menu. This type of automation is necessary to keep your cannabis business running smoothly while staying current.

Built-In Marketing

Marketing is paramount when maintaining a successful marijuana dispensary. Many cannabis businesses use third-party marketing platforms to reach their clientele. Owners and operators can save on these services by using dispensary management software that includes built-in marketing tools.

Email and text message marketing is an extremely effective way to engage your customers. Sending notifications about product discounts, upcoming events, and transaction feedback is a great way to keep the informed and boost customer retention. Using the patient information already associated with their profile, such as email, phone number, and category, will save you from exporting and importing this information elsewhere.

Increasing the efficiency of your cannabis business will be reflected in your bottom line. Making the most of your dispensary management software can dramatically increase profits and foot traffic.