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5 Ways California Marijuana Dispensaries Can Simplify Sales

February 28, 2018

Now that recreational marijuana is legal, California marijuana dispensaries are seeing increased traffic and a significant rise in sales. High volume sales require experienced employees, efficient point-of-sale software, and a simplified sales structure that expedites transaction times.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few ways California marijuana dispensaries can improve the pace of sales in a busy cannabis retailer.

Processing Sales

Once a customer has decided on the cannabis products they wish to purchase, processing the transaction should always be a smooth and painless experience. Typically the turnaround time for a cannabis customer can range anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes but the actual time it takes to check-out should only be a fraction of that.

Let’s walk through the steps of processing a sale while using an advanced dispensary point-of-sale software.

  1. Pull up the patient’s profile

  2. Add products using built-in barcode scanner

  3. One touch check-out

  4. Accept payment

  5. Prepare exit packaging

Eliminating extra steps when processing a sale is vital to reducing wait times and increasing daily revenue.

Patient Sales Limits

One thing California marijuana dispensary staff should be mindful of is patient sales limits. Currently, regulations stipulate specific daily amounts that recreational and medical patients cannot exceed. Attempting to calculate these limits during checkout could potentially bring the transaction to a screeching halt.

Industry specific cannabis software can automate this process and alert budtenders when daily purchase limits have been reached or exceeded. This type of notification is essential to maintaining compliance and preventing customer frustration at the point-of-sale.

Adding Cannabis Tax

Several California marijuana dispensaries have been approved for both medical and recreational business licenses. Serving both classifications of customers means different cannabis tax rates will need to applied depending on the patient type.

Well designed cannabis software can simplify this process. Assigning the applicable tax percentage to the patient type will automatically apply the correct tax rate. It’s  imperative to charge the correct amount of tax especially when reporting sales for compliance.

Prepackaged Cannabis

One aspect of completing a sale that will no longer be necessary under the new marijuana regulations is weighing, packaging, and labelling cannabis flower. Licensed distributors will be responsible for packaging and labelling product so marijuana dispensaries will only be selling prepackaged cannabis.

Customers will be able to see and smell the different strains using only the display cannabis. As soon as decision is reached, sales associates can quickly grab the prepackaged product and scan it to add it to the patient’s total. Marijuana will be packaged in standard increments to simplify and speed up the transaction time.

Digital Menus

Informing your customers about various products is crucial to helping them make a decision on what they want to purchase. Providing customers with digital menus will allow them to see the different products and select a strain that suits their references. Confused customers will take longer to serve and frustrate awaiting customer who are ready to checkout.

IndicaOnline TV will allow California marijuana dispensaries to sync their inventory with digital signage that displays a vibrant and easy to read menus. Customer will be able to tell if strains are sativa, indica, or hybrid and even view lab results. Simplifying dispensary sales will allow your retailer to be more productive and generate higher revenue. Sign-up for a free 14-day trail of IndicaOnline to streamline your cannabis operation.