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How to Build a Delivery Chain for your Dispensary?

June 21, 2022

Cannabis delivery drivers are the heart of any cannabis business. They provide a valuable service to customers who can’t or don’t want to buy their products in person. In addition, they promote your dispensary and your brand while they’re on the road.

HUB and On-Demand Deliveries

IndicaOnline’s cannabis delivery software is designed specifically to provide you with the most efficient and compliant delivery options possible. It allows you to choose between a Hub (Dispatcher) and an On-Demand model, and includes a Dispatcher Mode that lets you manage your drivers more effectively.
Our Hub MMJ delivery model works just like other delivery services, such as Uber Eats: all orders go through a dispatcher who assigns them to drivers. The dispatcher uses our Dispatcher Mode feature, which is fully integrated into our IndicaOnline POS system. This way, everything is handled from one app, with no need for third-party software or add-ons.

On the other hand, our On-Demand MMJ delivery model allows customers to place their orders directly with drivers through your dispensary website or mobile app. Customers choose from the driver’s menu when they place their order; when it’s received by the driver, it will show up in the IndicaOnline’s POS system with all of the customers.

Driver App is the best way to manage your deliveries. It helps you create a convenient and transparent working environment with no need to waste time on paperwork or calls.To start using it, all you need is a phone or tablet with GPS and a Wi-Fi connection. Driver App supports full control over the creation, monitoring, and proper completion of all deliveries. It also provides detailed information on any order.

Cockpit Module

The cockpit module is another useful tool we’ve created at IndicaOnline to help you manage your delivery runs. Whether you’re dealing with orders or re-assigning them, you’re in complete control.
With smart assignments, you can satisfy your customers by reducing their delivery times. Receive suggestions on which driver would be best for each order based on a predefined delivery time limit.

Automatic manifests

As soon as you start a run, the whole process is recorded. Automatic manifests are created for each activity that you do during a run, including the distance covered and the route traveled. You always have access to this information and can present it to the authorities, if necessary.
Would you like to learn more about the best way to organize your delivery service and access our coolest features? Just Book a Demo and we’ll set up a time to show you how it works.

About Sweede
We’re Sweede, formerly known as Potify. We were founded in 2016 and have been operating for licensed dispensaries of medical and recreational cannabis across the USA and Canada. Recently we have undergone a massive rebranding in which we decided to take our product to the next level. In May 2022, Sweede was launched with a new look, new features and much more.

Sweede.io is IndicaOnline’s product. IndicanOnline is an all in one solution for cannabis retailers and it entails e-commerce platform, delivery and point of sale software.