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3 Tools to Manage Multiple Marijuana Dispensaries

March 2, 2018

Owning multiple marijuana dispensaries can be extremely profitable but difficult to manage without the right tools. Fortunately, technology has given us the power to make decision on the go using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Today, we’ll suggest a few useful tools for business owners who are attempting to manage multiple marijuana dispensaries.

Creating Multiple Offices

Installing an advanced dispensary point-of-sale software in each of your cannabis retailers will allow you to monitor multiple locations. IndicaOnline allows the system administrator to create multiple offices (or dispensaries) that provide information from each register.

Having the ability to select different offices from one account is very helpful when managing staff, tracking inventory, reordering stock, and calculating sales.  Adjusting setting, staff permissions, and exporting reports for multiple marijuana dispensaries offers owners the type of control necessary to run their businesses efficiently.  

IndicaOnline Dashboard App

One of the most useful tools for monitoring multiple marijuana dispensaries is IndicaOnline's mobile application Dashboard. Using dashboard provides real time statistics of each location allowing owners and operators to keep a close on their dispensaries while on the go.

The application aggregates useful information such as best selling products, best selling categories, new vs. returning patients, advertiser referrals, and average wait times. By simply selecting a different time period, business owners can see how their dispensary is performing by the day, week, month, and year. Understanding buying trends will help cannabis retailers plan for slow periods and staff up for busy periods.

Managing Dispensary Expenses

One thing all businesses struggle with is managing expenses. Indicaonline allows owners to see the expenses from multiple marijuana dispensaries as well as their payment status. Knowing which bills are paid, unpaid, or partially paid will help cannabis retailers avoid late fees and keep operations running smoothly.

Another benefit to using IndicaOnline’s smart POS software to manage expenses from multiple marijuana dispensaries is the ability to use separate accounts to pay specific expenses. Whether it’s rent, utilities, security, payroll, inventory, or taxes managing the expenses of several locations will be much easier with an integrated software system. Sign-up for a free 14-day trail of IndicaOnline to see how your brand can benefit from our innovative dispensary solutions.