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4 Keys Ways to Manage Cannabis Vendors

November 22, 2017

During the course of a business day, marijuana dispensaries not only service a large amount of customers but they also see several cannabis vendors as well. Keeping track of who is selling what for how much can be challenging to remember for budtenders and dispensary management. Fortunately, your dispensary POS software can help you manage vendor tracking and even provide insights on the sales of each batch.

In this article, we’ll cover four key ways your marijuana POS system can help manage cannabis vendors.

Vendor Contact

Exploring new business relationships with cannabis vendors can help your dispensary stock shelves with premium marijuana product. It’s essential to keep track of vendor contact information to reorder additional units in the future.

Creating a vendor profile in your dispensary POS software will allow you to store contact information, license number, and a description of the affiliated company or distributor. Having this information on file will allow you to place upcoming orders with ease.

Product Listing

Keeping a current list of products offered by each cannabis vendor is pivotal in locating specific strains that are top sellers. This is extremely helpful when placing orders as you can refill multiple inventory products on one invoice from the same vendor.

Product listings are extremely useful when dealing with edible and vape vendors as there is always a diverse array of edible products and new vape technology. Updating the listing with new products is simple and adding images of each product will provide customers a visual representation of each item.

Payment Log

Tracking past orders to cannabis vendors is paramount when reporting expenses for state compliance. Having a record of each order, the amount paid, the date of purchase and how much was bought will help you keep an accurate record.

This feature is extremely useful when making payments on consignment products. Many dispensary managers are interested in testing a product on their shelves before making a purchase order. Paying out percentages to cannabis vendors who offer consignment is now easy to keep track of and a less painful process.

Lab Results

Cannabis vendors who cultivate high-grade marijuana flower will typically have each strain lab tested to help increase the price of their crop. Lab results that produce high numbers of THC and CBD will are generally more appealing to customers. Adding these results to the product profile is a great way for cannabis retailers to promote specific strains.

Once the lab results are included on the product profile it can be displayed on touchscreen menus and digital signage. This is also helpful for staff when describing the benefits of each strains to customers who may be unfamiliar with THC and CBD levels.

Operating your marijuana retailer with a powerful dispensary POS software will allow you to manage vendor purchasing and prepare accurate expense reports for state compliance. IndicaOnline is the perfect POS system to take control of your vendor accounts and is now available for a 14-day free trial.