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Top 10 Dispensary Budtender Best Practices

May 8, 2018

Employing reliable and knowledgeable budtenders can really elevate the reputation of your marijuana dispensary. As the primary sales associates, they have the potential to increase customer retention and boost overall sales. There are so many nuances when it comes to serving customers so honing in on budtender best practices will enhance the customer experience.

Today, we’ll cover the top 10 dispensary budtender best practices so you can train your staff to exceed customer expectations.

1. Present Professionalism

The marijuana industry is desperately trying to move away from depictions of budtenders as stoners or pot heads. As more states legalize medical and recreational use, budtenders are being portrayed as connoisseurs of cannabis and experts in the field. Budtenders need to reinforce this perception by showcasing their knowledge and exemplifying professionalism.

2. Keep Learning

New cannabis infused products are popping up every day it seems like and it’s essential for dispensary budtenders to stay informed. Learning about these products and any new compliance regulations is imperative to implementing budtender best practices. Attend conventions, workshops, and training sessions to improve your budtender IQ.

3. Understand Compliance

There are many facets to cannabis compliance when it comes to retail sales. Understanding your responsibilities as a dispensary budtender is paramount when serving your clientele. Scanning every barcode, utilizing compliant exit packaging, and being aware of purchase limits is good place to start but there is much more to know. Staying up to date on regulations and compliance requirements is one of the most important budtender best practices.

4. Lifestyle Profiling

One selling technique for dispensary budtenders that can be extremely effective is lifestyle profiling. Using people’s age, gender, and activities to inform what products they might prefer is an acquired skill set. Today’s clientele is much more diverse than in the past. Soccer moms, athletes, business professionals, and seniors often prefer alternative means of consumption. Recommending edibles, tinctures, or concentrates based on the customer’s lifestyle will probably be more appealing and productive.

5. Defy the Stigma

The best way to show your patrons that you take your job seriously is to defy the stigma of a lazy and stoned weed purveyor. Describing the qualities and effects of cannabis in an eloquent and poised way will go a long way in upping your dispensary's professionalism. They’ll be plenty of time to sample new products after work hours are over so staying sober will behoove budtenders and the business as a whole.

6. Upselling Opportunities

Each budtender has their own unique selling technique but this can always be improved upon over time. Upselling is a popular way to make more money during each transaction but budtenders must practice restraint as to not seem greedy or pushy. However, upselling can be very effective when the opportunity presents itself. Certain products will lend themselves to additional add-ons that will be useful in the consumption or storage of a product. Identify which products provide opportunity for logical upselling and suggest pairing products to the customer in a natural organic way.

7. Prevent Product Loss

Working in a busy marijuana dispensary requires a heightened awareness of your surroundings. Because most cannabis retailers are primarily a cash business they are at a higher risk for theft and crime. Watching your clientele carefully and spotting suspicious customers can help prevent product loss before it takes place. Now that many states are allowed to sell cannabis recreationally, many retailers provide sample or display cannabis for their patrons. Always alert security if you notice suspicious behaviour or attempted theft.

8. Know Dosage Directions

Cannabis infused products such as edibles, tinctures, and drinks will often come with directions on the appropriate dosage. Not all customers will take the time to read instructions before consuming the product so advising them on how much they should take definitely falls under the budtender best practices. Acquiring knowledge of the dosage of every cannabis infused product will seem daunting but as time passes you’ll be surprised at how much you remember.

9. Conveying Medical Uses

Budtenders that work at marijuana retailers who are licensed for both medical and recreational cannabis sales have to be confident in their knowledge of medical benefits. When conveying a products medical uses you must be careful to not overstate the advantages of its effects. Only make claims that can proven with accurate evidence and research.

10. Be Ambitious

Mastering all aspects of being a budtender takes time and experience. However being ambitious and yearning to know more is a quality that is to be admired. Working towards becoming a manager, cultivator, or dispensary owner is an attainable goal if you stay determined. Learn as much as you can about the business side to avoid common pitfalls that beginners make.

One additional quality that will make you an exceptional budtender is your proficiency with dispensary software. Gaining a comprehensive knowledge of the features offered within your point-of-sale system will give you the tools necessary to move up in your company. Schedule a demo to learn more about IndicaOnline’s advanced cannabis software.