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Attracting Top Dispensary Staff: Cannabis Retail

June 4, 2018

One of the most valuable assets a cannabis retailer has are the dispensary employees that service clientele on a daily basis. Hiring quality staff members will typically require an ample amount of vetting and a thorough interview process. Occasionally the owner or manager of a cannabis storefront will recruit dispensary employees from the competition because they have incredible knowledge of the products plus the charisma to make profitable sales.

In this article, we’ll go through a few ways in which cannabis retailers can attract the best dispensary employees in the industry.

Educate Your Staff

While you maybe hiring an experienced budtender, every dispensary has different protocols, policies, and even point-of-sale that will need to be learnt before they can service customers. Establishing a training program for all new dispensary employees will help them quickly assimilate into your business model.

Make your staff aware that your willing to support their continuing education in the cannabis industry. This incentive will encourage them to receive training in the latest trends among marijuana retailers and help improve the efficiency of your own storefront. Offering training programs and continuing education will make a position in your dispensary more desirable.  

Offer Competitive Pay

Attracting talented dispensary employees will definitely come at a monetary cost but is worth it if they help boost your overall sales. This is why offering competitive pay will motivate experienced budtenders to consider applying to your job opening. Setting your pay rate above the industry standard will show potential employees that your value their time and skill set.

When looking for upper management, be sure offer a salary that represents the amount of responsibility attached to the available role. Additionally, if you can afford to enroll your higher ranking staff members in health and dental plans, this will attract loyal dispensary employees looking for stability for themselves or their families.

Advancement Opportunities

People who are serious about the cannabis industry are looking for a career, not just a job. During the interview process is a great opportunity for you to learn more about their long term goals. Typically their answer will tell you if they will be truly invested in building your brand or just looking for a paycheck.

Applicants who seem interested in growing with your cannabis business are the ones that you can trust to improve your business. Take the time to develop an advancement plan that will reward their hard work and commitment to your dispensary. Informing your incoming employees that there are advancement opportunities within your company will make your job offer much more appealing.

Create a Culture

There is an inherent culture that comes with being involved with the cannabis industry but creating a culture or respect and purpose within your dispensary will serve your business better than the stereotypical stoner culture. Keep the focus of your marijuana business on performance, service, leadership, and brand identity if you want to see your budtenders flourish.

Conducting upper management meeting to discuss management style, how to motivate staff, and how to deal with potential problems will keep the lines of communication open. Give your dispensary employees goals that are achievable and promote growth. If your staff members feel like they are supported and that you want them to succeed they will work hard to meet your expectations.

Work / Life Balance

Having dedicated dispensary employees is important to running a fast-pace business but allowing them time off to enjoy friends and family will give them that balance that is so essential. You’re retail staff will be more focussed and giving of their time when they’re able to take advantage of their days off.

Being flexible when it comes to illness and family emergencies will make the feel secure in their role at your dispensary. You want to make sure that your sales associates are conveying a positive attitude when serving customers so if there is someone feeling physically or mentally unwell giving them time to heal will only improve their performance.