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6 Cannabis Collective Events To Grow A Dispensary

October 20, 2017

Hosting events at your dispensary is a great way to gain new customers and support your local community. Unfortunately, the use of marijuana is illegal on cannabis collective premises in many states so coming up with creative ideas to keep your patients engaged is essential. 

Incorporating unique elements into your dispensary event will make it memorable and help your cannabis collective grow. Try these six event ideas to raise awareness for your business.

1. Grand Opening

It’s always important to make a big splash right out of the gate. Hosting your dispensary’s grand opening should involve much more than pastry and coffee. Cannabis collective owners should be willing to go the extra mile for the launch of a new collective. After all, you only get to make first impression once and you want it be a positive impression. 

Free pizza, a ‘backyard’ BBQ, or a great DJ can really attract a large crowd and make for pretty sweet sales numbers by the time it’s over. Don’t be afraid to ask for local sponsorship as there are countless cannabis brands that would love to gain more exposure at your event. 

2. Vendor Days

Patients are always eager to take advantage of freebies and new products. Vendor days are the perfect way to introduce new strains, vape pens, edibles, topicals, and concentrates to your customer base. Customers can get free samples and save money on vendor day deals.  

It’s completely acceptable to invite multiple vendors to showcase their products on the same day, as long as they are promoting different products. Be sure to invest some time and money advertising these events using social channels and dispensary digital displays to build the hype.

3. Cultivation Workshops

Whether your patients are looking for tips on growing for personal use or are aspiring ganjapreneurs looking to startup their own operation, cultivation workshops can be a big draw. Providing patients an opportunity to meet and learn from experienced growers will give them the necessary knowledge to cultivate their own garden. 

These informal and educational seminars also give novice growers the chance to ask specific questions related to the challenges of cultivation. These events are great for fostering a sense of community among your customers and will set your dispensary apart as a valuable resource for cultivation information. 

4. Cooking Classes

Offering cooking classes for patients interested in learning how to cook their own edibles is a creative way to captivate new customers. Invite a guest chef to come in and teach patients the different methods of infusing cannabis into cuisine.

Educating customers on the proper dosage when cooking with cannabis will teach them how to medicate safely while making delcious recipes. These types of courses are increasingly in demand and have been extremely successful in states with legal recreation marijuana.

5. Customer Appreciation

Customer appreciation days are just that, a chance to thank your loyal customers for supporting your cannabis collective. Deals, discounts, and special sales will draw in a high volume of traffic and hopefully a large majority of first-time patients. 

Offering referral specials will motivate your clientele to invite friends and family to your event. This boost of new patients will be valuable for your dispensary’s marketing strategy and increase customer traffic.

6. April 20th aka 4/20

April 20th is always a busy day for dispensaries but collectives can really capitalize on the increased traffic by offering specials a few days in advance. On a day where the entire cannabis community is encouraged to smoke together, dispensary owners should consider renting party buses. This will give customers who want to light up, a chance to enjoy it with friends in a fun environment.

Hosting events will serve as a perfect opportunity to engage your clientele while expanding your customer base. Collecting and using all the data obtained from these types of events will be the real gold mine for future marketing campaigns.