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4 Ways Cannabis Dispensaries Can Customize Patient Profiles

January 5, 2018

Creating a welcoming and familiar environment for customers in your cannabis retailer is integral to establishing lasting relationships. It’s impossible for dispensary staff to remember every customer but fortunately technology can help. Once a customer or patient checks in, budtenders can review their profile using their dispensary POS platform.

Having the ability to call customers by name and remember the types of products purchased during previous visits will help employees serve them better. This is why it’s beneficial for cannabis retailers to use a dispensary POS platform that is capable of providing detailed customer profiles.

In this article, we’ll cover a few ways to customize patient profiles that will help budtenders process transactions and increase customer retention.

Identification and Recommendations

Whether your cannabis dispensary is licensed for medical or recreational marijuana sales, you’ll need to keep customer identification and physician recommendations on file. There are a couple of ways of to include this information in the patient’s profile. Staff can simply swipe the customer’s ID to obtain their age and attach this information to their profile. This will be useful to access their account when customers return.

If a customer has a medical card or recommendation, simply enter the patient number to verify the recommendation with integrated verification services. Once verified, budtenders can easily identify patient’s who have a valid doctor’s recommendation and see when it expires. Uploading images of the medical recommendation is highly recommended to maintain a high level of compliance.

Tax Profile

When adding new customers to your dispensary database it will be extremely important for you to select the tax tier they fall under. For instance, California currently has three separate tax tiers for medical patients who have a State medical card, medical patients with a doctor’s recommendation, and adult-use customers. Different marijuana tax rates apply to different tiers so after selecting the appropriate tax profile, the correct taxes will be applied using the dispensary point-of-sale.

This step of onboarding new customers cannot be ignored otherwise cannabis retailers could face state compliance violations. Tax tiers are completely customizable so no matter where your dispensary is located you can apply the percentage that applies. IndicaOnline’s marijuana software will streamline compliance by automatically adding and logging the taxes of every sale.

Customer Categories

Within each patient’s profile is the option to add them to multiple patient groups. Creating specific customer categories will help with dispensary marketing as well as identifying whether they’re medical or recreational. Targeting veterans, senior citizens, social followers, previous referrals and edible enthusiast will allow you to send catered campaigns to each.

Offering specialized discounts to specific patient groups will entice customers and boost sales. Categorizing each customer will help organize your client database and provide valuable information to budtenders when serving shoppers.

Contact Information

Getting the contact information correct is a crucial step of the intake process. Some dispensaries have found a solution by using tablet for customer check-in. New walk-ins can simply enter their contact information, how they were referred and choose their preferred method of contact.

Since customers are entering their own contact details, the chances of inaccurate information is greatly reduced. All details automatically sync to their profile making this method a real time saver for reception. E-Sign MD is an application that makes this possible and is compatible with IndicaOnline’s dispensary POS platform. Sign-up for a free demonstration to learn how your cannabis retailer could benefit from our powerful software.