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6 Questions Budtenders Should Ask First Time Cannabis Customers

August 17, 2018

Exceptional customer service and a memorable customer experience are increasingly important when running a successful marijuana dispensary. Hiring budtenders who are not only knowledgable but personable with customers is key to establishing trust with your clientele. First time cannabis customers need guidance when shopping at your storefront. When they ask budtenders for their advice, your sales staff should ask a few questions so they can customize the products to the person’s preferences.

Do You Have Previous Experience with Cannabis?

Depending on the person, their experience with cannabis could be novice at best. Older customers may have only tried marijuana back in the 60’s during their hippie days. It’s fair to say that cannabis flower has come a long way since then. It’s best to recommend strains or products that are on the lighter side to ease them into using marijuana. Explain the best methods of consumption, dosage directions, and storage options.

Are You Looking For Pain Relief or Psychoactive Effects?

It’s important for budtenders to understand their reasoning for using cannabis before recommending certain strains or products. If they are seeking pain relief specifically, suggesting products that contain high levels of CBD will be ideal, especially if they aren’t interested in the psychoactive effects. For those looking for the psychoactive effect, budtenders can steer first time cannabis customers to product that provide that without being too heavy.

When Do You Like to Use Cannabis?

Asking first time cannabis customers when they prefer to consume cannabis is another helpful tidbit that sales staff should know when suggesting potential products. Many people prefer to use cannabis before bed or after work to relax and get a decent night’s sleep. Recommending products in the Indica family will work well for those seeking rest. Early risers should consider microdosing or using sativa based products so they can be productive without any of the tiredness or sedative effects.

What Do You Enjoy Doing After Using Cannabis?

Inquiring about a customer’s lifestyle and daily activities can also help inform how your sales team selects appropriate products for first time cannabis customers. Some people go the gym, some play sports, some go out for a night on the town or a big dinner. Whatever their routine is the products they use should compliment their lifestyle. This also helps you get to know your patrons a little better and builds trust between budtenders and customers.

What Cannabis Flavor Profiles Do You Enjoy?

One of the most enjoyable aspects of using cannabis is that it comes in so many varieties of flavors. Different strains can taste fruity, earthy, and even like candy making it almost more diverse than wine, so finding the right flavor profile for customers is essential. Sometimes sending home customers with a small amount of a few varieties will help them decide on what they prefer. Asking the what flavors they enjoy on their first experience can provide at the very least a sense of direction.

Do You Have Any Medical Ailments You Want to Treat with Cannabis?

Cannabis has so many medical benefits and can help treat so many symptoms from a diverse array of conditions. Budtenders who are serving medical patients need to be aware of any and all conditions and symptoms. Depending on their symptoms certain strains and products will be more beneficial. Information relating to medical benefits can be included in product profiles using the cannabis point-of-sale system. This makes it easy for budtenders to find the best product for the patient.