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4 Reasons Your Dispensary POS System Should Have Offline Mode

January 24, 2019

Cannabis retailers are always working to make their business more efficient. Streamlining operations has become increasingly easier with advanced dispensary POS software that can automate many of those tedious tasks. Unfortunately, many cannabis specific POS systems require an internet connection to process transactions. Investing in a point-of-sale system with an offline mode eliminates downtime that could bring your business to a screeching halt.

Continue Making Sales

One of the quickest ways to discourage clientele from coming to your dispensary is slow service, and asking them to wait because you’ve lost internet service can be detrimental. Some retailers have been known to use pen and paper when they lose their connection but this could easily lead to errors and profit losses.

Dispensary POS software with offline mode allows budtenders to continue processing transactions even without wifi. All transactions are stored temporarily until the point-of-sale comes back online. Once the internet connection is reestablished, all sales and inventory information will update automatically.

Prepare for No Wifi

There are endless possibilities when it comes to an internet outage so preparing for that inevitable downtown is paramount. Whether it’s operating in remote location, a finicky router, or just a bad service provider, ensuring your customers don’t leave empty handed due to internet issues is essential to customer retention.

Having a backup plan is crucial to keeping your clientele satisfied and utilizing a POS with offline mode can provide peace of mind for dispensary owners and staff. Even if the internet goes down, you’ll be able to check-in customers and complete transactions without alerting you patrons.

Keep Compliant Offline

One of the major adverse effects of losing your connection during business hours is the fact that any sales made during an outage will not get reported to the state track and trace system through the POS. This would force dispensary staff to attempt to keep track of all sales information required by the state which would be virtually impossible in a busy storefront.

It will also bring into play other compliance violations, such as customer purchase limits and product equivalencies. Exceeding daily weight limits could result in a more serious compliance violation and harsher repercussions. Offline mode allows all this information to still be recorded and stored until back online using your point of sale software.

Avoid Unnecessary Delays

Customers left waiting will result in frustration and often times a negative experience. The last thing you want is internet issues that cause people to bad mouth your business. Avoiding unnecessary delays is instrumental is keeping your clientele happy and complimentary. Acting quickly to enable offline mode in the event of an emergency internet outage will keep your lines moving.

Researching to find a dispensary point of sale that is capable of functioning offline is essential to safeguarding your profit and reputation. Storefronts looking for a solution for spotty internet service should consider IndicaOnline to guarantee that sales continue even when offline. Learn more about how to activate our offline mode and schedule a demo for a personalized training session.