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3 Reasons Dispensaries Should Pre-Package Marijuana

May 10, 2018

California’s new regulations will be in full effect in a few months as the transitional period for cannabis retailers closes in. Once in place, only distributors will be allowed to package and label marijuana for recreational and medical sales. Many storefronts have already chosen to pre-package marijuana to make the transition as seamless as possible.

Today, we’ll discuss a few good reasons cannabis dispensaries should pre-package marijuana before distributors take on this responsibility.

Prevent Product Loss

One of the major benefits of using pre-package marijuana is that it will significantly cut down on product loss. Often times the weight of a batch can lose moisture and shake reducing the profit margin from the time of purchase.  Packaging the product in child proof baggies soon after it is acquired will prevent the amount of moisture lost and keep any shake contained in the package.

When dispensaries pre-package marijuana they eliminate the chances of human error as well. Many budtenders would rather cannabis retailers keep the weighing system in place so they can weigh heavy to encourage tipping but this practice can also cut margins. When customers buy marijuana in a pre-packaged bag they are getting exactly what they pay for so the days of hook-ups might be over, but dispensaries can still choose to offer discounts and loyalty rewards.


Another advantage of taking the time to pre-package marijuana is keeping a very accurate record of track and trace for compliance reporting. Once a batch is added to the inventory, attaching a barcode right away will ensure that every gram is accounted for and can be tracked as it is purchased by consumers.

It’s incredibly important that when printing labels for pre-package marijuana all the required compliance information is included. When you intake products that have been traced from the seed-to-sale, there is ample information regarding the strain that can be useful when labelling cannabis that has been pre-packaged.

Expedite Check-Out

Cannabis retailers that pre-package marijuana are typically more proficient at processing sales. It’s incredible the amount of time that can be saved when budtenders simply have to scan a barcode as opposed to weighing the flower, packaging it, and labelling it. It’s very efficient to pre-package marijuana in standard increments that can be rung up separately than it is too weigh out the specific amount.

This method of sales will significantly expedite the amount of time spent during a transaction especially when working with a point-of-sale register with a built-in barcode. IndicaOnline has specifically designed our dispensary software to work harmoniously with our all-in-one register. Scanning a barcode automatically adds the product to the cart and itemizes receipts to show the number of pre-packaged units.