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Wyoming Activists Clear Both Cannabis Ballot Initiatives

August 19, 2021

Both of the cannabis legalization ballot measures in Wyoming passed the second step. The officials have cleared both the measures for signature collection: the final destination.

The second step to this campaign was the submission of signs to the state secretary’s office. Each ballot measure needed to collect 100 signatures in order for it to be deemed liable for presenting in front of the voters. Stenquist was elated with the response she received as more than 200 signatures were collected for the measures. This marked the formal approval of both the initiative, and now, they are headed towards the final hurdle.

Wyoming Cannabis Legalization Ballot Initiatives 

Just like all ballot initiatives, these two legalization and decriminalization measures need to collect a certain number of signatures before they can be presented in front of the voters in 2022. The number of signatures they need is 41,776.

It might seem like that there was a minimal effort in this regard. However, the appreciation they have received in a week is a reward for persisting with the task for years! Wyoming is a state with one of the most stringent cannabis rulings in all of the United States.

Loads of states across the US have already legalized the herb and made the lives of the locals much more manageable. Unfortunately, Wyoming locals were deprived of all these facilities as the state has not yet made marijuana legal. The fact that their neighboring states were allowed to have the herb while the people of Wyoming were being detained upset most Wyoming cannabis activists. And perhaps this is exactly what compelled the campaign’s spearhead, Christine Stenquist, to come up with these measures!

Signatures Needed

The number of signatures may appear massive from the outlook, but Christine and her team are optimistic that they will get the job done, and she has a reason to believe so! Both the Libertarian Party and Wyoming NORML are backing these measures.

She added that the team had gathered volunteers and experienced marketers to get the job done perfectly. In addition, they have all the resources they need for collecting vital signs. On top of that, Stenquist states that they have already started working on the numbers and locations to receive the signatures. It is a surgical campaign, and if it succeeds, the life of Wyoming locals will become so much better!

Contributed by Ali H.