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Wyoming Medical Marijuana Ballot Initiatives Approved

August 5, 2021

The state ballot for 2022 is perhaps the most awaited ballot in the history of Wyoming’s legislature with both medical marijuana and cannabis decriminalization measures on the ballot. The people of Wyoming have been desperately waiting for lawmakers to make cannabis legal in the state. Unfortunately, however, they have not succeeded as per the expectations that were held of them.

Yesterday, two of the most anticipated ballot measures got their first green flags in the Wyoming legislature. A few months back, Wyoming lawmakers led by Rep Marshall Burt proposed two ballot measures to help reduce the tautness of cannabis laws in the state. And yesterday, both of those measures cleared the initial hurdle with ease!

Wyoming Medical Marijuana

Recently, Wyoming lawmakers decided to give cannabis legalization one more shot. They crafted two separate ballot measures that would help improve the outflow and regulation of cannabis in the state. The first one was a marijuana decriminalization measure, while the second one was a Wyoming medical marijuana initiative.

Although both the rulings are separate, their primary objective is to facilitate the people of Wyoming and make their lives much more manageable when it comes to cannabis.

In addition, the marijuana decriminalization measure is all about easing the current cannabis rulings that are far more stringent than other states of the US. This ballot measure will ensure that the people who carry up to four ounces of the herb only have to pay a minor fine instead of being charged with a felony. Moreover, the measure will also reduce the charges for growing and selling cannabis if it is not part of a bigger scheme.

On the other hand, the medical cannabis measure serves to ease the lives of people who need the herb to manage their symptoms. In addition, medical research has elicited that marijuana is among the safer options for chronic pain management.

Benefits of the Initiatives 

Diseases like cancer, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, and dementia are among the most common ailments you can manage with cannabis. On top of that, cannabis is also used by people who are diagnosed with terminal conditions. It makes their lives more comfortable.

So, all in all, these two ballot measures are quintessential as far as the cannabis enthusiats of Wyoming are concerned. Naturally, therefore, all of them are eager for these measures to qualify for the 2022 ballot measures and eventually become state law. But, although everyone is as hopeful as they can be, there is still a long way to go!

Contributed by Ali H.