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The Complete Dispensary POS Buying Guide for 2021

February 26, 2021

Knowing which features to look for in a dispensary POS will make your selection process easier, so we compiled a buying guide to help you make an educated decision. A quality dispensary POS will bring immense value to your business and will have the ability to scale in the long run. Choosing a cannabis POS and inventory management system will be the most important decision you make when opening a dispensary. 

Dispensary POS Buying Guide for 2021

There are many challenges when it comes to cannabis retail. Register discrepancies, a normal occurrence in retail, can lead to the loss of license for a dispensary. A strong cannabis POS will make reporting and compliance easier. In the 2021 buying guide, you will learn what to look for so that your cannabis POS can make your life easier, empower your budtenders, and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

2021 and Beyond

Voters in the 2020 election powered five states to legalization. This has had a major ripple effect on surrounding states. Eager to get ahead of voters, many state legislatures have rushed to get cannabis legalization bills passed and to their respective governors in the early months of 2021. At the moment, Canadian provinces have no cap on the amount of dispensary licenses they are awarding. States that are already legal have seen a push to allow delivery and expansion. 

With the ever-changing landscape of cannabis laws, it’s important to have a cannabis POS that you can trust to propel your dispensary or delivery service to its full potential.

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