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Texas Poll Shows Majority Favor Cannabis Legalization

June 25, 2021

According to a recent poll in Texas, nine out of ten people favor cannabis legalization at some level.

If we were to deem one topic as the center of attention for this year and the past year, it would be none other than cannabis legalization. Lawmakers from all around the United States have worked tirelessly to create bills that would improve the herb’s status in their states.

Some tries were rewarded with success in the form of the state granting medical marijuana a legal status. But, conversely, some bills were rejected. People have all sorts of ideas when it comes to cannabis legalization. There are two main sides in this regard.

Primarily, we have the conservative, traditional people with the ideology that is smoking anything can never be beneficial.

Texas Cannabis Legalization Poll

Moreover, this group marks cannabis as a dangerous drug that causes nothing but an addiction. Although their stance is a fallacy, they are the people in power, as numerous officials are in this group.

Therefore, a lot of marijuana legalization procedures get rejected by their hands.

In contrast, some people believe that cannabis, just like any other herb, has its pros and cons.

Moreover, research has indicated that cannabis is proficient in treating several ailments ranging from epilepsy all the way to chronic pain. Therefore, sooner or later, this group will supersede the other as it has a science by its side.

And after the survey conducted by the University of Texas came out today, it is evident that the time when cannabis becomes utterly legal in the state is not very far away! Eighty-seven percent of the participants were in favor of making the herb legal no matter what.

The Outcome

Besides, 73 percent of Texans stated that the herb should be legal only for medical purposes. On top of that, an overwhelming majority supported the act of possessing marijuana in small, regulated amounts.

In essence, the survey clearly indicates that people favor the complete legalization of the herb if not for medical purposes only. Therefore, we expect to see some legal measures being taken in regard to drafting new bills! Soon, Texas could become the first state to make the herb completely legal!

Contributed by Ali H.