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Oklahoma Passes Medical Cannabis Marking 30 States with Marijuana Legalization

June 28, 2018

Early this week, Oklahoma voted to pass a law legalizing medical cannabis. The voters decided to do so with a considerable margin of 57-43 making the Sooner state the 30th to approve medical use of marijuana. While many have been surprised that such a progressive law could receive such support in a traditionally conservative state, Oklahoma residents seem to see the issue as non partisan.

Conservatives Vote for Cannabis

Oklahoma Polster Bill Shapard notes that, “When you can get a large majority of the Democrats and independents and a third to a half of Republicans to support you, you can get anything passed in Oklahoma.”
The next month will consist of the the Oklahoma State government establishing regulations and a marketplace structure. As to how many cannabis dispensaries will be allowed is still uncertain but the State Board of Health will likely mandate that only board certified physicians can issue medical recommendations.

Legalizing medical cannabis in a deeply red state such as Oklahoma serves as strong indication of the growing support throughout the nation. The legislation was successful despite little contribution from cannabis reform groups and a well funded opposition campaign.

The Medical Cannabis Law

The Director of State Policies for the Marijuana Policy Project, Karen O’Keefe remarked that “The passage of State Question 788 highlights the strength and diversity of public support for laws allowing the medical use of marijuana. Most Oklahomans agree that patients should be able to access medical marijuana safely and legally if their doctors recommend it. It is noteworthy that this measure passed in such a red state during a primary election, when voter turnout tends to be older and more conservative than during a general election. Support for medical marijuana is overwhelming, and it spans the political and demographic spectrums.”

The current draft of SQ 788 will allow qualified patients to receive state ID medical cards so they can possess 3 ounces of medical cannabis in public and store up to 8 ounces in their residence. They will also be permitted to cultivate up to six mature plants and six seedlings in their home. Patients can purchase up to an ounce of concentrate and up to 72 ounces of cannabis edibles.

Regulatory Framework

“We are pleased to see state officials are already working on developing a regulatory framework for medical marijuana, and we hope they will include patients, advocates, and other stakeholders in the process,” O’Keefe stated. “It is important that patients have reliable access to the products that work best for their conditions. Oklahoma officials can learn a lot from the successes and shortcomings of other states’ programs, and hopefully they will create a system that will serve as an example for other states in the region.”

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