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New Jersey Licenses Columbia Care for Medical Marijuana Dispensary

March 31, 2020

One of the leading cannabis growers in the country, Columbia Care, is expected to open a medical marijuana dispensary in the second quarter of this year in New Jersey.  As a part of its operational act amid the CoronaVirus pandemic, Columbia Care announced that their dispensary expected to open in Vineland in the second quarter of this year. This briefing released by Columbia Care revealed that it has been classified as “essential business” under the New Jersey shelter in place order. 

Permit Issued To Columbia Care 

In the last couple of weeks, Columbia Care has refused to offer any information concerning the opening of its dispensary which will be it’s first retail location in the state. While this dispensary may open in April, according to the New Jersey’s Department of Health requirements for dispensaries, this new store will not offer consumers any product until mid-May. This is in line with the average planting cycle and the department’s requirements. 

Earlier last month, the state’s Health Department via its official website and various social media accounts revealed that they had offered cannabis growing permits to Columbia Care and two other businesses in the state. 

While speaking to the press about how long it would take before these businesses start selling products to qualifying medical patients, Jeff Brown the Assistant Commissioner of the Division of Medicinal Marijuana revealed that it would take about four months. Brown further revealed that the time it takes depends on the planting to harvesting and selling cycle. 

New Jersey Requirements 

The state’s Health Department requires these companies to present samples of the harvested cannabis strains for proper testing before they can appear on the shelves at any of their dispensaries. In addition to that, only products that are grown in the company’s New Jersey facility are allowed to be sold in the state.