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Chicago Cannabis Dispensary Begins Renovation for Recreational Sales

March 19, 2020

One of the leading construction companies in Illinois, Englewood Construction, announced via their website that they have started work on the reconstruction and renovation for a new cannabis dispensary store called Custom Strains. 

Englewood Construction Project 

While speaking to newsmen on this issue, Bill Di Santo, President of Englewood Construction stated that the “cannabis industry has continued to boost commercial real estate as well as construction activity as more states continue to legalize the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. Bill Di Santo went further to reveal that they have partnered with a number of national brands to enable them to work with cannabis dispensaries as well as cultivation facilities. 

Now that Illinois legalized the sale and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes, Englewood Construction is working with Herbal Care Center to update and rebrand. Englewood Construction will help them renovate their facility to enable the sale of recreational cannabis through their new store Custom Strains. 

Renovations for Recreational Cannabis In Illinois 

Situated in the heart of the Illinois Medical District, Custom Strains will commence selling cannabis for recreational purposes later this year. One of the leading studios in the city Studio ARQ is responsible for coming up with a marketing plan for this dispensary. 

Following the legalization of cannabis in Illinois, a number of cannabis dispensaries that only sold to valid medical cannabis card holders will need to renovate their storefront to accommodate more customers. Bill Di Santo went on to say that “with more states in the country already trying to legalize the sale and consumption of cannabis for recreational purposes, there will be a growing need to have their facilities renovated to meet the growing demand”. 

This is the first store in the city to renovate its facility to accommodate medical and recreational cannabis sale. However, there will likely be several more dispensaries that will follow suit in the months to come.