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Bureau of Cannabis Control Hosts Online Webinar

December 19, 2017

Last week, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control hosted an online webinar in partnership with the California Cannabis Industry Association. Intended to educate cannabis businesses, this webinar covers multiple topics under the new licensee regulations.

The hour long online webinar is aimed not only at cannabis retailers but also testing labs, distributors, and micro businesses. Chief officer, Lori Ajax, provides detailed information regarding required documentation for both temporary and annual business licenses.

Application Process

The presentation also includes a walk through of the new online application process for marijuana businesses. She does note that licenses for temporary cannabis events can currently only be applied for with a written application. This is set to change by the end of January 2018, wherein the application process will be available using the online portal.

Live Q & A

In addition to the comprehensive analysis of cannabis regulations and the application process, Mrs. Ajax responds to a live Q&A session. Answering questions from inquiring industry professionals, she provides insight into the premise qualifications, differences between medical and adult-use, local jurisdiction, and applicants who may have felony convictions on their record.

Interestingly enough, she characterizes the Bureau of Cannabis Control as being flexible when looking at applicants with felony convictions and encourages them to apply. Lori also notes that the Bureau wants to bring businesses into the regulated market and emphasizes that owners should apply.

BCC Approach

It seems as if the California Bureau of Cannabis Control is taking a very common sense approach to the application process and how regulations will be enforced. Any changes in regulations will undergo a public comment period before being finalized to ensure that all factors have been considered.

We encourage all marijuana businesses to watch the online webinar below to learn more about the business license application process, and how the new regulations will affect the industry and more importantly your own cannabis retailer.