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BCC Launches Online Licensing System for Cannabis Retailers

December 12, 2017

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) recently launched their online licensing system for cannabis retailers, distributors, and micro businesses. Launching this system will allow businesses to submit their license applications and fees in hopes of being approved by January 1st.

Marijuana dispensaries should begin the application process as soon as possible to expedite the process. The BCC’s chief officer Lori Ajax notes,

“Today’s launch of our online licensing system is the culmination of many months of hard work by our dedicated team. Now that applications are coming in, we can officially move one step closer to issuing California’s first state licenses for commercial cannabis activity.”

We’re excited that officials have been working diligently to ensure commercial cannabis is ready by the new year. To assist cannabis retailers in the application process, we’ve provided a breakdown of the new licensing system. Dispensaries can review a step-by-step tutorial at the BCC website.

Register Your Dispensary

The first step for California marijuana dispensaries is to register an account for your business through the BCC’s online self-service portal. Once you’ve created an account, you’ll be able to login to the licensing system. Retailers will be prompted to select the type of license they want to apply for: Retailer, Retailer Non-storefront (Delivery), Distributor, Micro Business, or Lab Testing.

Brick and mortar dispensaries will select Retailer and delivery services will select Retailer Non-storefront. Once you’ve select you business type you’ll need to choose the type of license you wish to apply for adult-use or medical. Once you’ve chosen, it’s highly recommended that you read the Terms and Conditions for Use before clicking continue.

Temporary License Application

Marijuana dispensaries that are already operational and have the a valid local permit can take advantage of a Temporary License. Temporary Licenses are issued faster and allow dispensaries to continue doing business while the Bureau reviews their permanent license application.

Applying for this is extremely beneficial for cannabis retailers as they’ll be able to keep their doors open during the transition. Temporary licenses do not require an application fee but will only be issued to dispensaries who are in compliance with local city or county mandates.

Annual License Application

If you are planning on opening a new marijuana retailer, you’ll need to submit an Annual License Application. To do so, you’ll need to select no when asked if you’d like to apply for a temporary license. This will direct you to the business activities section where you’ll select the type of services you cannabis retailer will provide to customers.

Next you’ll be asked to provide your business information. Simply select Add New, and enter all required business information including the business structure and Tax ID number. You’re also required to provide the primary contact person for your business and answer a series of questions about your business.

Upon completing the declarations, cannabis retailers will need to include all business owners/investors. Then you’ll be asked to upload the required documentation which includes: SOS registration, floorplan of premises, land title/deed, financial info, inventory procedure, labor & peace agreement, surety bond, quality control process, security protocols, and transportation details.

After submitting the necessary documentation, retailers will need to provide their expected annual revenue to calculate their licensing fee. Generally your licensing fee will be anywhere from $1000 to $3000. You’ll be guided through the payment process and once your business is approved, you’ll receive an email notification that your business license has been issued. Simply login to your account and a PDF version of your license will be available in the attachments section of your license record.

We hope this will serve as an easy guide to marijuana dispensaries. If you’re unsure if your cannabis POS software is compatible with the compliance reporting system, sign-up for IndicaOnline to ensure your retailer is prepared for adult-use.