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Arizona Cannabis Dispensary Producing Hand Sanitizer for Patients and Employees

April 22, 2020

About three months ago, Americans would never have imagined that breweries and distilleries would be mass producing hand sanitizer but with the outbreak of COVID-19, it has become a norm. Now, a leading Arizona cannabis dispensary, Nature’s Medicine, is doing their part to produce hand sanitizers and other cleaning supplies for employees and customers.

Hand Sanitizers For Employees And Customers 

Armed with specialized pieces of equipment in their laboratory used in the production of cannabis oil and distillates, this Arizona cannabis dispensary has produced over 3,000 units of hand sanitizer. According to reports, this dispensary is looking to produce another 5,000 more to help their customers and employees stay safe and healthy during the pandemic.

While speaking to the press on this new development, CEO of Nature’s Medicine Jigar Patel revealed that they are committed to ensuring that their employees and customers are safe during this time. Patel further revealed that the safety of their patients is their top priority and is why they have decided to switch gears and produce hand sanitizer as opposed to cannabis extracts. 

Reason For Making These Sanitizers 

In addition to making sanitizers for patients and employees alike, Nature’s Medicine was one of the very few dispensaries to take preventive measures once it was confirmed that COVID-19 was spreading in the country. After applying safety guidelines recommended by the Federal Government, they discovered that hand sanitizers– an essential preventive — had been hoarded and were nowhere to be found in Arizona. This triggered the decision to begin making these hand sanitizers.  

Currently, this Arizona cannabis dispensary has supplied all employees with sanitizers and customers who visit the store to purchase cannabis products have all received one for free. Nature’s Medicine is currently the first cannabis dispensary in the country to produce hand sanitizers.