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8 Tips for Marijuana Dispensary Merchandising and Product Display

May 4, 2018

Creating eye catching product displays is part of selling strategy to draw customers in and encourage them to buy. Marijuana dispensary merchandising is often overlooked and can really change the way your clientele shops. Consumers tend to have a visual response before really assessing the quality of a product. This is why so many cannabis suppliers spend so much time and money on designing the packaging for their products.

In today’s article, we’ll offer up a few tips on marijuana dispensary merchandising that can really improve the look and feel of your storefront.

Find Your Style

Every cannabis retailer has its own aesthetic when it comes to interior design. Finding your storefront style is an integral part of your brand and how your customers will perceive your dispensary. Whether it sleek and modern or cozy and rustic, one thing you’ll want to ensure as that all your displays are consistent. Implementing a theme is recommended over a hodgepodge of mismatched shelving and display cases.

Utilizing Levels

The amount of products that large cannabis retailers carry can be overwhelming if they are not strategically placed throughout the store. Keeping all of your products under a glass counter limits how your patrons view and select their purchases. Utilizing vertical space in your dispensary will allow your customers to see the diverse array of products you carry. Shelving, hanging displays, and tall display cases can really help highlight products that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Product Organization

Arranging your products in an organized fashion is a key component of marijuana dispensary merchandising. Display similar products by category so your patrons can easily locate edibles, tinctures, concentrates, or drinks without getting frustrated. Staying organized also requires restraint when stocking products on shelves and in cases. It’s important that your displays seem full but not cluttered. Finding that balance will result in a clean and captivating display.

Update Display Design

Every so often sprucing up your displays will allow your patrons to see products in a new light. Finding new and intriguing ways to present your inventory will sometimes help highlight products that have been hidden away. Depending on the style of your marijuana dispensary merchandising you can even utilize non-traditional display pieces by revitalizing vintage furnishings or cases.

Seasonal Decor

Decorating your shelves during the holidays is a great way to liven up your displays. It’s important to make these choices wisely so your seasonal decor looks classy and not cheesy. Selecting specific holidays will make the additions more noticeable and more natural to your customers. Using decor that compliments your products rather than detracting from them is the goal of seasonal decorations.

Define Your Space

One important aspect of marijuana dispensary merchandising is defining the layout of your sales floor. Creating specific spaces for certain types of products will optimize the flow of your store and how customers peruse products. Once you’ve decided where each section will be, simple signs indicating the type of products will be helpful for those consumers who are seeking something particular.

Stimulate the Senses

Yes, most customers will first use visuals to determine the quality of a product but cannabis is unique in that it stimulates smell and touch as well. Providing your customers with samples that they can see close-up, smell, and lightly touch will allow them to narrow in their preferred product. Installing digital signage that is capable of displaying educational videos or high quality images of specific strains can lure customers into purchasing products.

Strong First Impression

Leaving a good first impression on new customers is vital to ensuring their return. Engaging your clientele with creative and organized marijuana dispensary merchandising is great way to stand out amongst the competition. Prioritizing their experience when they visit your cannabis retailer will show them you value their business and take pride in the products you carry.