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5 Best Practices of Training Marijuana Delivery Drivers

December 10, 2018

Building a reliable and efficient team of marijuana delivery drivers can be challenging. If you can find people who are detail oriented and connect with customers you’ll have solid team to increase your sales beyond your storefront. Training them is an integral step of setting them up for success, so using some of these best practices to teach your delivery staff will make this a profitable service.

Teaching Technology

One of the first things you’ll want train your marijuana delivery drivers to do is to use the mobile application that they’ll be using on a daily basis to accept orders, map their route, and process paperless transactions. If you’re using IndicaOnline’s delivery application, drivers will quickly see how intuitive it is and learn quickly.

Familiarizing your marijuana delivery drivers with the mobile app will help them process transactions smoothly and navigate to the next destination faster. You’ll want to make sure they understand how to verify age using the app and send receipts via email. Creating a profile for new customers is also a commonly used functionality so be sure to walk them through the process several times.

Delivery Protocol

In addition to teaching your marijuana delivery drivers about the technology they’ll be using on a daily basis, it’s imperative that they understand the protocol and processes associated with making deliveries. To avoid confusion when picking up orders at the dispensary, drivers can use the IndicaOnline delivery app to scan the receipt of each order which will then add it to their order queue.

Once the order has been added to their queue, the app will suggest the fast route to deliver all the orders within a set time frame. Once the marijuana delivery drivers reach their drop off destination they should check the notes for additional delivery instructions. Then they’ll need to verify age, upload any documentation, process the sale and mark the delivery order as completed before heading to the next destination.

Delivery Compliance

One of the most important aspects of making marijuana deliveries is understanding all of the areas of compliance that drivers must adhere to on the job. Some of the most important things to remember are the amount of onboard inventory allowed, documentation for each sale, keeping a destination log, and inventory ledger and keeping all products in a secure location like a trunk or lock box.

All vehicles used for marijuana deliveries must be equipped with a GPS tracking device and all drivers must have a copy of the business license on hand.  Marijuana delivery drivers are also required to return to the dispensary if there are no delivery orders within 30 minutes and should under no circumstances consume cannabis while operating a vehicle. It is very likely that third-party delivery services will not be allowed in states like California so building an in-house delivery team will be required.

Traffic Stops

Training your marijuana delivery drivers how to react during an encounter with law enforcement is paramount as their actions could potentially put your business at risk. If one of your driver’s gets pulled over for a traffic violation they should first and foremost provide their drivers license, proof of insurance, and registration. Driver’s should avoid confrontation with police and always be respectful when speaking with officers.

There is some additional paperwork that marijuana delivery drivers must provide when pulled over for a traffic infraction. Drivers must provide the officer with all delivery inventory ledgers, delivery request receipts, and a destination log. Remaining calm and professional will probably only result in a traffic ticket and if handled eloquently perhaps only a warning.

Customer Service

Ensuring that all customers are satisfied with their interactions is extremely important when running a marijuana delivery service. While not everyone can be taught customer service skills, it is crucial that they are never combative or rude to customers. Finding marijuana delivery drivers who are naturally engaging and adept at problem solving is essential during the hiring process.

Using a mobile delivery application that is reliable and process sales seamlessly will ensure that customers don’t wait too long. Training your delivery drivers to provide friendly and fast service is a sure way to increase your sales and build you brand beyond your dispensary storefront.