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4 Security Features Every Dispensary POS System Needs

October 13, 2017

Now is the time for cannabis businesses to start using dispensary POS systems that provide advanced security measures. There have been marijuana POS software cyber hacks in the past that have exposed dozens of dispensaries as well as their clientele. Trust is an inherent quality that all marijuana business need to possess to be successful and protecting that trust is paramount.

If your dispensary POS software does not come equipped with the following security features, it might be time to consider a switch.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication eliminates the majority of security threats at the most vulnerable point of a POS software, Login. This extra layer of security requires the user’s login name and password, as well as a second factor, the user’s phone. Once the username and password have been entered, a unique PIN number is automatically sent via SMS to the authorized user. Unlocking the dispensary POS will only occur after these two requirements have been met. This fail-safe is sure to stop any cyber threats that may have illegally obtained login information.

Emergency Exit Button

Smart POS software will also include an emergency exit button feature. This feature is intended to protect the dispensary POS system from possible physical theft. Pressing the emergency exit button will immediately deny access to all users. Only the system administrator will be allowed to login and reactivate the POS software. Advanced cannabis POS systems such as IndicaOnline operate using iPad tablets that can be very appealing to potential thieves. Fortunately, this security feature will empower cannabis business owners to protect POS information even in the event of a stolen tablet.

Secure Cloud

Cloud-based POS software can be particularly susceptible to cyber invasion if there are not several security measures in place. This is why our dispensary POS system utilizes 256-bit SSL encryption to protect business and patient information. IndicaOnline’s software meets and exceeds security standards that are required to stay HIPAA compliant. All dispensary information is stored in maximum-security data centers that are in multiple undisclosed locations guarded by armed security personnel. As a forward thinking technology company we understand data security is not just a one-time certification but an ongoing commitment by IT experts to diligently stay ahead of potential attacks.

Blacklist Network

A blacklist network is a newly developed feature from IndicaOnline that allows marijuana businesses to blacklist problem customers. Depending on the severity of the offense, a dispensary can blacklist the patient just from their store, or from any dispensary that operates using an IndicaOnline POS system. By adding the patient’s name and profile to the blacklist network, other cannabis businesses will be notified as soon as they scan customer’s state ID. These notifications will inform intake staff of previous infractions as well as suggestions on how to deal with the customer. Severe offenses that qualify for the blacklist network include: armed robbery, physical altercations, stealing, counterfeit currency, forged medical recommendations, and harassment of staff or patients. This security feature aims to stop any problem customers at the point-of-entry and reduce potential risks on the sales floor.

It’s impossible to be too careful when it comes to marijuana dispensary security. However, using a cannabis POS system that provides these additional measures of protection will ensure your business is prepared for potential cyber threats and criminal activity.