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3 Ways Dispensaries Benefit from Halloween

October 31, 2018

It’s officially Halloween and cannabis consumers will be craving their green. Today presents a great opportunity for marijuana dispensaries to really embrace the holiday and create a one-of-a-kind customer experience. We’ll offer a few ways that cannabis retailers can capitalize on Halloween that will boost sales and keep your clientele coming back every Holiday.

Halloween Promotions

The first way to attract ghouls and goblins seeking a high is to offer special Halloween promotions. Discounts on edible candies and sweets will appeal to trick or treaters and significantly increase foot traffic into your cannabis storefront. Using your digital signage to let customers know about the Halloween specials will encourage them to take advantage.

Raising awareness about your Halloween promotions by posting them on dispensary menu directories like Potify and Weedmaps will help get the word out. Creating the promotions will take careful consideration as you don’t want to undercut your profit margin but if you have products that expire soon after halloween it might be time to slash prices.

Haunting Decor

Decorating your marijuana dispensary is an integral part of creating a customer experience that is not soon forgotten. Hanging up lights, balloons, cobwebs, and more create that spooky feel that consumers crave on Halloween. Getting dispensary staff involved with scary costumes from the bartenders to the receptionist will definitely get some smiles and set your storefront apart.

Make sure to offer free “regular” candy to your customers at check-in and in the sales room so they understand you appreciate your clientele. Other little details that can heighten your Halloween theme are scary music, and mood lighting. Electric candles, low lighting, and a haunting tune always contribute to the atmosphere.

Halloween Marketing

The most important part of offering discounts and overhauling your dispensary for the holiday is to attract new business. Using social media to post pictures and advertisements of your Halloween specials and decor will be a huge factor in acquiring new customers. Using the right platform for different types of content will definitely reach your audience. Photos and video stories of your  haunting dispensary will work well for instagram, but facebook banners might be better for product promotions and video ads.

Reaching out to your core clientele is also a key during Halloween since so many friends go out together to party. Sending email and SMS campaigns to your current customer database will definitely motivate them to turn out. This is incredibly simple to do using your dispensary POS system and will make a huge difference in the amount of sales for this holiday. Marketing your Halloween event is paramount and once customers experience your decked out dispensary, you can be sure they’ll return for every holiday.